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Student Email

MC Email Account Details

  • It may take 2 to 3 business days for your email account to be created within 2-3 business days of completing registration requirements.
  • Once you are no longer a student for 2 years, your MC Student email account will be deleted, so you should not use it as your primary email account for personal use.
  • Your Login ID is your ENTIRE student email address (include @mail.midland.edu).
  • Download the Gmail app to your smartphone and set it up to receive your MC email account for quick, easy access.
  • Virtual College of Texas (VCT) students DO NOT have a Midland College email account.

First Time Login Notice

Once you log into your account the first time, the password EXPIRES. It must be changed before closing the page or signing off or you will be locked out of your account. The new password must be at least 9 characters in length.

MC students, your email address is as follows:

User ID

First letter of first name + first three letters of last name + last three numbers of your MC Student ID followed by @mail.midland.edu


If you have a 9-digit Student ID, your password is your MC Student ID

Example: John Doe, student ID number 123004567 (no dashes)
User ID: jdoe567@mail.midland.edu
Email Address: jdoe567@mail.midland.edu
Password: 123004567

If you have a 5-digit Student ID, your password is four zeros + your MC Student ID

Example: John Doe, student ID number 12345 (no dashes)
User ID: jdoe345@mail.midland.edu
Email Address: jdoe345@mail.midland.edu
Password: 000012345

Login to MC Student Email - www.midland.edu/email

Questions or Need Help?

Contact the Midland College Help Desk at (432) 685-4788 or help@midland.edu
NOTE: Be sure to include your name, MC Student ID, and email address.