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Coral Reefs ecosystems: Anthony's Key, Honduras

Coral reefs are a complex ecosystem that spans the globe. The condition of coral reefs are often regarded as a “barometer” for the overall health of Coral Reefs are endangered world-wide. Pollution, climate change, and overfishing are thought to be a few of the contributing factors influencing coral demise. Understanding the factors and conditions that favor demise, may lead to courses of action which could stem further destruction. Hence, Midland College seeks to travel to Roatan, Honduras and study the coral reef system there in order to contribute the knowledge base.

Specifically, the Midland College team will engage in:

  • Acquisition and analysis of bacterial samples that populate diseased coral on the Roatan, Honduras coral reef.
  • Acquisition and analysis of water samples that populate diseased coral on the Roatan, Honduras coral reef. Specific analytes to be tested are: phosphate, nitrate, nitrite, and sulfide.
  • Monitor water quality on the Roatan, Honduras coral reef. Parameters studied will be temperature, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen (DO), reduction-oxidation potential (ROP), turbidity.
  • Counting and assessment of fish populations that frequent the coral reef.

Academics-Travel, Honduras, Coral Reefs


Estimated Cost per Traveler

Cost: Approximately $3,500

The Anthony’s Key Resort fee (all-inclusive for room/meals/ground transportation/tours/scuba diving. Air Fare is a separate cost. Rental of scuba equipment. Lodging accommodations are covered in the course fee.

Cost Does Not Include

Not included in the price: tuition, fees, texts, meals not included above, gratuities to guides and drivers, passport expenses, insurances and personal expenses.


The Fine Arts and Communication division is pleased to offer a travel program to Spain! The trip will take place in June of 2022 and is open to anyone--faculty, staff, students, and community members — aged eighteen and over.

Students also have the option of taking English 2327 (American Literature One) in conjunction with the trip! This offering could also work for an honors project.

Participants will visit Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Seville, and Barcelona. Exploring these centers of art, literature, culture, and history will allow travelers to immerse themselves in the rich and multicultural history of Spain. 

Plaza and fountains in Spain


  • Participants will learn about Modernism/Art Nouveau through the architecture of Antoni Gaudí.
  • Participants will examine Spain’s ties to the New World of the Americas through the funding of explorers like Columbus, Balboa, Cortés, and Pizarro.
  • Participants will become familiar with forms of art and cooking unique to certain regions of Spain through hands-on workshop participation.
  • Participants will learn about Spain’s unique multicultural and interfaith history through trips to various Christian cathedrals, Granada’s Medieval Synagogue and Alhambra palace, as well as the Moorish city of Cordoba.

The program fee includes round-trip airfare, baggage fees, a 24-hour tour manager, ground transportation, hotels, entrance fees to museums and cultural sites, as well as daily breakfast and dinner. Early-bird and e-check discounts are available. Likewise, participants may also enroll in an automatic payment program. For more information, please visit the ACIS website.


Approximately $5,000
Students taking course for credit will also have to pay any applicable tuition and fees.


Michael Gibbons-Brown
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