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Math Pathways

Math Pathways gives all students the opportunity to become TSI complete or college ready in math in one semester regardless of placement. 

The program tailors the content to meet the needs of the major. There are two specific pathways, the STEM pathway and the non-STEM pathway.

  • The STEM pathway includes majors involving science, technology, engineering and math as well as business and education along with some health science programs.
  • The non-STEM pathway includes majors in arts, humanities, communication, social and behavioral sciences and human services.

Midland College has been awarded two distinguished awards for Math Pathways practices, Texas Success Center 2015 Math Pathways Principle 2 Exemplar and 2016 Texas Success Center Math Pathways Principle 1 Exemplar. MC has also been awarded two grants from the Dana Center, located in Austin, TX, for distinguished work in the math pathways model.

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