If you answered YES to any of the above, then these procedures for applying for applying to Midland College and registering for classes are for you!

Enrollment Navigators

Once applications are processed, an Enrollment Navigator will be assigned to assist each student with registration requirements (Meningitis, TSI, transcripts, orientation). Enrollment Navigators can answer general questions about programs and assist with any questions you may have before being assigned an advisor. To find contact information for your Enrollment Navigator, login to My MC Portal and check your account or email

Course Availability

Application and Registration Steps

Apply to MC by completing the 2-year "Apply Texas" application


Regardless of the semester you choose, the application will work for Fall, Spring, Interim or Summer sessions.

  • Create a new profile if you do not already have one.
  • Once the profile is complete, fill out the 2-year application.
  • Include your social security number in both your profile and application. 
    Warning: Although listed as optional on the application, not providing your SSN will delay the processing of your application.
  • Allow 3 calendar weeks for MC to process your application.
  • Look for your acceptance email from Midland College at the email address provided in your application profile. Don't forget to check your spam folder.


Contact Enrollment Services at (432) 685-4501 or


If you are a Veteran or a dependent using benefits, contact the VA Coordinator Office to apply benefits to your MC tuition,, or call (432) 685-4511.

International Students

Steps for International Students

Helpful Information

High School transcripts are not necessary for transient students.

Regardless of the semester you choose, the applications listed will work for fall, spring, interim or summer sessions.

Submit official transcripts from the university/college you are currently attending and official transcripts from all previous Texas public institutions. Students attending classes at Texas public institutions, be sure to request the TSI status is included in the transcript.  

Official Transcripts can be sent to:

Midland College Records Office
3600 N. Garfield
Midland, Texas 79705

Official Transcripts

  • Official transcripts are the academic record from another institution that bears the Registrar’s signature, college seal, and produced on the authorized paper or electronic format.
  • Official transcripts should be sent directly to Midland College from the other institution where you attended previously.
  • If you decide to bring the document to the college, the official transcript must remain sealed in the institution’s envelope. 
  • Transcripts that have been opened, or emailed from your personal email account, are not considered official and will not be accepted as official.
  • To view official transcripts received by Midland College, please log into to My MC Portal and choose "Registration Options" and click on "Transcript Tracking". Transcripts received by Midland College will appear in green.



Failure to provide official transcripts by the end of the 15th class day of the term will result in a HOLD on your account.

You will not be able to register for additional classes, see your grades, or receive your official Midland College transcript until official transcripts have been received and processed.

Questions about transcripts?

Contact the Records Office at 432-685-4513 or

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a program designed to help students be successful in college. It includes assessment of students before entering a state-supported college or university, advisement and an individual plan designed to prepare students to meet college-readiness skills. Students are required to submit TSI assessment test scores or proof of exemption prior to enrolling.


    • In most cases, Transient students in Texas have already addressed the TSI requirement at their home institution. Please request that your institution include your TSI information on your transcript (if the institution is a Texas public college or university).

    • Students who are from a private or out-of-state college or university may meet the TSI requirement if the student has earned college-level coursework in English (equivalent to ENGL1301 or 1302) or any college-level Math.

    • Visit our TSI Information page for more information. 

    TSI Information

  • Students taking online classes only do not need to submit meningitis documentation. They will receive a notification that there is a warning on their account, acknowledge the message, and continue to add the class. The warning keeps students from registering for on-MC campuses classes.  

    As of January 1, 2014, all entering students under the age of 22 at an institution of higher education are required to show proof of an initial meningococcal vaccination or a booster dose during the five-year period prior to enrolling. They must get the vaccine at least 10 days before the semester begins. Students planning to take online classes only are not required to submit meningitis documentation. 


    • When submitting meningitis documentation via email or fax, include your MC student ID number.
    • Local pharmacies that carry the vaccine include: HEB, Grahams, and Walgreens.
    • Typical shot cost at pharmacy is $129.00.

    A separate, signed application must be submitted ONLINE for each individual to receive an exemption from Texas meningococcal vaccination requirements. This form is for official use only and is not valid if photocopied. You must have a working printer to complete this transaction. If the student is 17 years or younger, the form must be signed by a parent/guardian.

    Exemption Form

    For more information regarding college vaccine requirements, visit the Texas Department of State Health Services Vaccine Requirements website and the Texas Legislature SB62 website.

    Registration Tips

    • Steps 1-Apply and 2-Submit Transcripts MUST be completed BEFORE you can register for a course.

    • Know your MC student ID and PIN, from your acceptance email, to register via My MC Portal.

    • Talk with your university advisor to be certain which courses will satisfy your degree requirement(s). 

    • Students taking online classes only do not need to submit meningitis documentation. They will receive a notification that there is a hold on their account, acknowledge the message, and continue to add the class. The hold keeps students from registering for on-MC campus classes.  

    • If trying to enroll in a class that requires a prerequisite you may have fulfilled, complete the online form, Prerequisite Help Request, and an Advisor will manually review your transcripts and enroll you in the course. Please allow up to 2 business days for review.

    Ways to Register

    1. Online through My MC Portal
      Self-register by logging into My MC Portal > Select the "Registration" heading > Click “Add/Drop Courses”
      Note: Clicking on the course name will take you directly to the bookstore and the books required for that course. Clicking on the instructor’s name will open up your default computer email program where you may contact your instructor(s) with any course-specific questions you may have.

    2. Online Enrollment Assistance with Transient Advisor

    Prerequisite Help Form


    need your STUDENT ID (my mc portal username)?

    Select the 5th option on the Update/Request Student Information form

    Update/Request Student Information Form



    Alert: Financial Aid is not available for transient students


    • Payment is due at the time of registration
    • MC does not take payments via phone
    • A credit card or bank account number is required in order to enroll in the payment plan
    How to Pay


    Non-Payment will result in being dropped from ALL classes


    Contact the Cashier’s Office at (432) 685-4531 or

    MC Email Account Details

    • It may take 2 to 3 business days for your email account to be created within 2-3 business days of completing registration requirements.
    • Once you are no longer a student for 2 years, your MC Student email account will be deleted, so you should not use it as your primary email account for personal use.
    • Your Login ID is your ENTIRE student email address (include
    • Download the Gmail app to your smartphone and set it up to receive your MC email account for quick, easy access.
    • Virtual College of Texas (VCT) students DO NOT have a Midland College email account.

    First Time Login Notice

    You are strongly encouraged to change your password after the first time you login. Passwords must be a minimum of 9 characters.

    MC students, your email address is as follows:

    User ID

    First letter of first name + first three letters of last name + last three numbers of your MC Student ID followed by


    If you have a 9-digit Student ID, your password is your MC Student ID

    Example: John Doe, student ID number 123004567 (no dashes)
    User ID:
    Email Address:
    Password: 123004567

    If you have a 5-digit Student ID, your password is four zeros + your MC Student ID

    Example: John Doe, student ID number 12345 (no dashes)
    User ID:
    Email Address:
    Password: 000012345

    Login to MC Student Email -

    Questions or Need Help?

    Contact the Midland College Help Desk at (432) 685-4788 or
    NOTE: Be sure to include your name, MC Student ID, and email address. 

     Admissions and placement requirements for transient students are above.



    Midland College has many programs and options for our students. If you are investigating the opportunities we offer, our Welcome Center is the perfect place to receive general information.