Transportation Training

Transportation Training

Get Your CDL in 5 Weeks!

Upon completion of the program, the student will receive a Class A CDL with the ability of obtaining endorsements in Hazmat, Doubles, Triples, and Tankers.Professional Truck Drivers deliver more goods than aviation and rail combined, making truck driving and transportation one of the ten largest industries in America. If you are thinking about becoming a Professional Truck Driver, it is important to explore the ins and outs of what it’s like to be part of this industry.

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Course Schedule

All candidates must attend an orientation/pre-req session.

Course & Orientation/Pre-Req Schedule (pdf)


Transportation Training at Midland College



Students choosing this academic pathway may receive funding and other financial assistance and support from Workforce Solutions. See, call (432) 287-5200 (option 5), or open the flyer for information on the services they provide in partnership with Midland College. The Workforce Solutions office is located on Midland College's main campus, in room 138 of the Technology Center (TC) Building.


CDL Program Details

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All applicants must have Commercial License Permit (CLP)

  • A CLP costs $25.00
  • You must have a current Medical Card at the time of the application for the CLP. DPS will not let you test for your permit without a medical card.
    * You can get a medical card at Nova Medical, 2501 W. Illinois, Midland, TX. The cost is $85.00 and walk-ins are welcome.
  • You MUST take all required tests listed below and must have completed your CLP.
  • Your CLP will be valid for 180 days from the date of issuance.
  • If you need help with passing the commercial license permit, free classes are available at Midland College.
    ESL Classes - Call (432) 685-5323 or email
    GED Classes - Call (432) 685-6817 or email
  • You must have your social security card to apply for the CLP.
  • The CLP will be a separate card from your actual driver’s license and CAN NOT be used as a form of ID.


Section 14 , Special Requirements, 20/6
Sections 1.3, General Knowledge, 50/10
Section 6, Combination, 20/4
Section 5, Air Brakes, 25/5


Section 7, Doubles/Triples, 20/4, CDL required
Section 8, Tankers, 20/4, CLP required
Section 9, Hazmat, 30/6, CDL required

If you currently hold a class B CDL and plan to upgrade to a class A CDL, you will need to apply for the CLP and take the combination test.

If you currently have a CDL and plan to add School Bus and Passenger Endorsements, you will need to apply for the CLP driving test after 14 days.

If you are adding Tankers, Double/Triples or Hazmat, you will NOT need the CLP.

Attend a Prerequisite/Orientation Session

Prerequisite/Orientation Sessions are offered before a new class offering. We verify that Driver's Licenses and Medical Cards are current, and drug screenings are conducted during the session.

Must set an Appointment to Submit Prerequisite Paperwork

  • Class A Commercial Learners Permit-CLP
  • DOT Physical-Medical card
  • DOT Drug test-(Pass)
To:  MC Transportation Training Facility at Christensen Stadium
4300 N. Lamesa Rd
Midland, TX 79705

Complete & Submit the APPLICATION

Pick up the the CDL Admissions Packet from the Transportation Training Office at Christensen Stadium and complete. If you have questions, call (432) 681-6318.

Late applications will be considered for the next class offered.
For help completing the packet, contact

Total Cost of the program - $4,100

The 5-week program cost includes the following:

  • 40 hours combined of online instruction
  • 160 hours of actual, hands-on driving by the student to consist of road, turns, shifting and in-town driving
  • Pre-trip, post-trip and backing procedures
  • Upon completion of the class Midland College offers 3rd Party Drive Tests to be conducted in house
  • In order for Students to receive 3rd Party Testing, student is to provide a copy of their MVR Type AR (Abstract Driver Record): Certified abstract of complete driving record of License holder on the day of test for an out-of-pocket fee of $22.00
  • All books and classroom materials provide for instructional use while in class.


A scholarship is available through Midland College for $700.00, providing the student meets financial eligibility. Casa de Amigos (432-682-9701) and Workforce Solutions (432-367-3332) also partner with Midland College in providing financial assistance, determined upon eligibility.

Call our Midland College Transportation office for information on how to get started in a new exciting career as a Professional Truck Driver, (432) 681-6318.

Payment Options

Students with a prior balance (a hold that prevents registration), will have this balance on their account. Students must contact the cashier’s office at (432) 685-4531 and resolve the issue BEFORE being permitted to register for Continuing Education courses.

Cash, checks, money orders, traveler’s checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted for course payment.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

Courses that lack sufficient enrollment will be canceled by noon, two business days before the first class day. If a course is canceled, the Continuing Education department makes every effort to notify all registered students promptly. Students will only be contacted if a course is canceled or if any changes are made to the course information initially published in the Continuing Education schedule.

Each Continuing Education class has a minimum student enrollment requirement that must be met for the class to make. Paid students enrolled in a canceled course will automatically be issued a refund from our accounting department. No cash refunds will be issued.

Students will receive a 100% refund (less a $10 processing fee) if they drop before the first class day. They will receive an 80% refund (less $10) if they drop before the second class day. Except for extenuating circumstances, students will not receive a refund for a one-day class if they drop out on the day of the course. No refunds will be given after the second class day. It is the student’s responsibility to cancel their registration. Allow 30 days for refund processing. No cash refunds will be issued.

Class Policies

Cell Phone usage

Prohibited during classroom training and in the Trucks while training, with the exception of breaks and lunch. Make phone calls during break, lunch, or after class. NO SOCIAL MEDIA, OR TEXTING! NO VIDEOS OF TRAINING WITHOUT THE EXPRESSED WRITTEN PERMISSION OF MIDLAND COLLEGE!

­Student parking

Students are to park in the parking lot. Not by trees or in the Employee Parking.

Personal Property

MCTT does not assume responsibility for personal items left in the classroom or vehicles. Lock your vehicle. Do not leave your books or belongings unattended in class. Leave it at home or keep it locked up if you have something of value.

Eats, Drinks, and Smokes

NO SMOKING IS ALLOWED inside of the building or the training vehicles. No smoking within 25 feet of trucks. There are designated smoking areas outside for you during breaks and lunchtimes. Please use the “Butt Can” for discarding cigarette butts.

MCTT has a break room for breaks and lunches. You must clean up after yourself in the break room and kitchen area. Push in chairs and pick up any trash and discard any leftover food when leaving.

Alcohol and Drugs

Use, sales, or possession of alcohol and drugs will get you permanently dismissed from the program without a refund and prosecuted to the law's fullest extent. Random drug and alcohol screenings will be done throughout the program if necessary. We do it, D.O.T. does it, and your employer will do it.

If you take any prescriptions or over-the-counter medications, report this to the MCTT staff. Many legal drugs can seriously hamper your performance. 


Transportation Training follows all Midland College Policies and Procedures. See the Midland College Catalog & Handbook for updated policies and procedures.

Daily “Must Have” items

Don’t leave home without them! DOT Physical Card, Logbook, Temporary Permit or CDL, pen, and highlighter.

Clothing, Personal Hygiene, and Appearance

Hard-soled shoes or boots are mandatory! No sandals or open-toe shoes of any kind. A cap or hat is recommended for yard days. We train in all weather conditions and dress accordingly.

No halter tops or T-shirts with offensive slogans and no shorts. No Keys, combs, or other sharp objects in pockets that could damage the truck seats. Long hair may need to be pulled back during certain training activities.

Please be considerate; you will be in a very close area during vehicle training. Keep cologne, perfume, and other body odors to a minimum.


Don’t think about school; think about reporting to work. If you’re going to miss class or be late, CALL IN. Any missed time will be lost time. Make-up time is scheduled for you by the Director of Transportation Training, not you. No refund will be given.

If you have a family emergency that requires you to be away from school, you must talk to the Director to schedule your return.

The class will begin at 8:00 AM sharp, so please be here at 7:45 AM. Lunch hours are given each day. Pay close attention to your instructor on when to return. If you are late on road days and miss the truck, you will miss the truck training for that day.


Fighting or physical harassment will not be tolerated. You will be removed from school for this behavior! Profanity must be kept to a minimum and not directed to any person. Sexual remarks are a LEGAL MATTER and will be actively prosecuted. Racial slurs, jokes, and slang will not be tolerated at MCTT.

If you have a problem with an MCTT staff/instructor, meet with the Director. Midland College has an open-door policy. Tantrums, whining, and complaining will not be tolerated during class. 


MCTT is visited by recruiters, visitors, officers, and local employers. Treat all visitors with respect and professionalism!

Training Area Rules

Do not move a training vehicle without a trainer present. Do not move a training vehicle until the instructor instructs you. Only drive the vehicle in low gear or reverse with no acceleration (KEEP YOUR FEET OFF OF THE GAS!)

Any student not following this rule will be removed from the truck and placed on-duty status. All accidents, no matter how minor, must be reported. You will be sent for a Post-Accident Drug Screen. NO EXCEPTIONS!

No radios or headsets are allowed in the classroom or training vehicles. Cell phones must be silent or vibrate during class or in the training vehicle. Answer and make phone calls during a break, lunch, or after class.

While operating the training vehicle, failure to use proper techniques is considered “vehicle abuse” and will not be tolerated. Listen to your Instructor’s instructions on how the vehicle should be handled.

Student/Employee Fraternization

Midland College does not tolerate any form of student/employee relationships. You must maintain a professional relationship with MCTT instructors and staff. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE! Students violating this rule will be removed from this program.

YARD Rules

  1. Students must have a DOT Physical Card, Log Book (filled in daily), Temporary Permit, or CDL. Your student file must have a copy of your Drug Screen Receipt and Medical Long Form before operating a training vehicle.
  2. The student must PERFORM A PRE-TRIP INSPECTION before starting the engine. Enter and exit the training vehicle properly with three points of contact. WHEN ENTERING AND EXITING THE TRAINING VEHICLE, PLEASE SHUT ALL DOORS.
  3. No acceleration in the yard. Idle speed only in low or reverse.
  4. No lights will be turned on (inside or on the trailer) unless instructed, except pre-trip and post-trip.
  5. Do not blow the horn unless you are instructed.
  6. No smoking in the trucks or within 25 feet!
  7. NEVER MOVE THE TRUCK WITHOUT AN INSTRUCTOR PRESENT! ONLY move the truck when instructed to do so by the instructor.
  8. No sandals or open-toed shoes are allowed in the yard.
  9. Do not stand directly behind the trailer at any time. Make sure the driver can always see you at all times.
  10. No horseplay is allowed in the yard, i.e., throwing rocks or riding on any part of the truck while moving.
  11. Always return the keys to the instructor immediately after use.
  12. Do not ride the clutch. The clutch must be engaged or disengaged at all times. Keep the truck moving during backing practice.
  13. Repeated violations of any rule, deliberate abuse of the equipment, and failure to follow instructions will result in dismissal from class that day. Make-up time will not be offered. If continued violations occur, permanent removal will result.
  14. The student performing the coupling and uncoupling procedure MUST COMPLETE THE ENTIRE PROCEDURE with no assistance from other students.
  15. Students may take bathroom breaks before/after class during lunch/breaks. If a bathroom break is needed during yard time, inform the instructor.
  16. All students are responsible for setting up the traffic cones in the morning and picking them up at the end of the day.
  17. All students must remain with the class until all tasks are completed, including, Post-Trip and DVIR and Log Books, and trash is taken out.
  18. AIR TANKS must be drained at the end of each day.
  19. Students, who are not doing the pre-trip/post-trip inspection, must be observing.

While in the Program


(Prerequisite/Classroom — 40 hours) - Drug Screen
Midland College offers an Online Training Program. Topics to Include Permit, Combo, Air Brake, Pre-Trip, General Knowledge, Hazmat, Tankers, Doubles/Triples, Map Reading, Trip-Planning, Accident Procedures, and Log Books.



(In-vehicle training — 40 hours)
Activities include Basic Backing Range Maneuvers, Straight Line, Off-set (Left & Right) Backing, Parallel Parking, and Alley Dock.


Intermediate Range Maneuvers, Advance Range Maneuvers, Shifting, Basic Turning Maneuvers, and Basic Street and City Driving. Basic Defensive Driving.


(In-vehicle training — 40 hours)
Activities include Intermediate to Advanced Range Maneuvers, Shifting, Intermediate to Advanced Turning Maneuvers, and Intermediate to Advanced Road and City Driving. Intermediate Defensive Driving


(In-vehicle training — 40 hours)
Activities include Advance Range Maneuvers, Advance Shifting, Advance Turning Maneuvers, Advance Road and City Driving, and Advanced Defensive Driving. Upon completion of all Training above, students will be 3rd Party Tested at our location and sent to DPS Office upon successful passing of the CDL Examination to include; Pre-Trip, Backing Skills, Road Skills, Railroad and Safe Stop Simulation in a Standard Transmission to complete the (Commercial Learner’s Permit) CLP License process to obtain a full CDL with no restrictions.

Upon successful completion of the program

Students receive a Class A CDL with the ability of obtaining endorsements in Hazmat, Doubles, Triples, and Tankers.

Great Opportunities After Completion

Most trucking companies offer both health and dental insurance. Larger companies offer stock options and retirement accounts. Truckers can expect sick and paid vacation days each year, both amounts that will increase the longer you stay with the company. Prescription medication coverage, life insurance policies, and other forms of medical assistance are also generally offered as part of a benefits package. In addition, you can expect pay bonuses and increases on an annual basis.

How Much Does an Oilfield Driver Make?

For oil field truck driving jobs, salary is a crucial consideration. If you work in this trucking sector, the pay will depend on a few things, including location, the company you contract with, your driving experience, and the type of position you take.

  • Fuel truck drivers were reported to earn anywhere from $30,000 - $60,000, according to
  • listed the average salary for crude oil drivers at $74,000 per year as of October 2016.
  • lists the salaries of different oil field drivers that you can use to look for your opportunities. For instance, this search for “oil truck drivers” in Houston, TX, revealed salaries for frac sand haulers over $100,000 per year.

Other Programs

CVOP 2000

16 Hours 1.6 CEUs
Cost: $500 Full-Day; $250 Half-Day

Our DOT Training course is designed to give all new or seasoned CDL drivers the essential, foundational knowledge necessary to safely operate a Class A Commercial Motor Vehicle. The curriculum will cover basic topics all drivers should know per the Texas CDL Handbook, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and other agencies under the U.S. Department of Transportation. 

This customizable, 16-hour course is designed to fit both employer and student needs. We offer this course in a traditional classroom setting or hands-on in a truck. Courses may be conducted on campus at Midland College or on-site at an employer's location. 


Contact Lorri Flores
Transportation Training Secretary
(432) 681-6318, Office

CVOP 2000

16Hours, 1.6 CEU
Cost: $200

Our Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) Hazmat Course is a 16 hour online, self-paced course that covers all the required topics set forth by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). 

Completion of this course will allow students to sit for the Hazmat Endorsement test with the Department of Public Safety (DPS). After successful completion of DPS testing, students will then schedule a fingerprint and background check to receive their official Hazmat Endorsement on their drivers license. 


Contact Lorri Flores
Transportation Training Secretary
(432) 681-6318, Office


Contacts & Location


Lorri Flores
Transportation Training Secretary
(432) 681-6318, Office


Christensen Stadium
4300 N. Lamesa Rd.
Midland, TX  79705