Each spring, Midland College holds commencement to recognize students who have completed degree and certificate programs during the course of the year.

Graduation ceremonies take place in May each year, at the Al G. Langford Chaparral Center, and all students who have completed graduation requirements are encouraged to participate.

Graduating from Midland College


Midland College Commencement  Midland College Commencement  Midland College Commencement



Students are encouraged to apply for graduation the semester before they plan to graduate. Having the requirements checked, allows students to finalize their course selection before the last semester. However, if students miss this window, they may apply early in the semester in which they will graduate. Posted deadlines can be found in the academic calendar.

Important Dates

March 1, 2018 – Last Day to Apply for Spring Graduation

May 11, 2018 – Spring 2018 Graduation Ceremony

Application/Intent to Graduate

It is important that candidates and families understand the difference between "participating in the graduation ceremony” (walking across the stage) and "graduating” (receiving a diploma).


Every year Midland College holds a Graduation Ceremony in May. Students who graduate In December, May, July or August are invited to participate as long as they have met the following requirements:

  • Have 6 or less semester credit hours remaining for graduation
  • Met TSI requirements and has a 2.0 Cumulative GPA at MC


Students are considered “Graduated” once all degree/certificate requirements are met. Diplomas are typically ready within 3 weeks of the last date of the semester.

Students who graduate from Midland College and plan to pursue a bachelor degree at a four-year public university in Texas, may be eligible for a Graduating Sophomore Scholarship.

Graduating Sophomore Scholarships Page

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