Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

GOAL 1: Start

Objective 1.1: Increase the enrollment of MISD students and graduates

Objective 1:2: Increase the enrollment of non-traditional students

GOAL 2: Strive  

Objective 2.1: Improve college-wide commitment to individual student pathway progress

Objective 2.2: Identify barriers to student success

Objective 2.3: Develop interventions to improve student success

Objective 2.4: Adapt the college environment to better accommodate the needs of the students

GOAL 3: Succeed

Objective 3.1: Align credentials with needs of receiving institutions and the labor market

OPERATIONAL GOAL: Institutional Excellence

Operational Objective 1: Student-centered instruction

Operational Objective 2: Student-centered services

Operational Objective 3: Community improvement

Operational Objective 4: Life-long learning

Operational Objective 5: Cultural experiences

Operational Objective 6: Infrastructure



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