Strategic Planning

In the summer of 2023, Midland College initiated the design of a new strategic framework to drive our institution over the coming years.  While we continue to play a pivotal role in the region's education, innovation, and prosperity, we are also committed to addressing new challenges affecting our region and maximizing these opportunities to have a positive affect on student lives and surrounding communities. In collaboration with K-12 providers, colleague colleges and universities, community leaders, and business and industry partners, MC stands ready to help address the priorities of immediate workforce needs and foster future industry growth while putting student success at the center of all we do.

Pillars of the Strategic Framework



Continue increasing our impact by recruiting and serving more students and community members in credit, continuing and adult education. 

Midland College will be the first choice of recent high school graduates and GED completers in out service area; the primary resource for employers and community members seeking professional education and workforce development; and the provider of appropriate, well-supported dual credit course work for area secondary students.


Student Success yellow pillar

Student Success

Lead the transformational work of student success in order to change the lives of our students, enhance our community, and meet workforce demand.   

Midland College will be a place where student outcomes are comparable to those of the highest performing colleges in the country; students have consistently high levels of satisfaction and post-college success; student services address both academic and non-academic needs; and priority is placed on data democratization and data transparency.


World Class Technical Training

Build programs and facilities for workforce preparation reflective of the status, influence, and dynamic needs of the Permian Basin.

Midland College will be a place where graduates' exceptional training reflects real world competencies; programs and facilities respond to changing employer needs and student demand; and instruction is delivered by highly skilled faculty, enveloped by cutting edge technology, and supported by effective industry advisory committees.

Collaboaration Pillar


Foster mutually beneficial partnerships with educa­tional, governmental, business industry, and philanthrop­ic entities.

Midland College will embrace challenges and opportunities; plan and execute at the highest levels; consistently prioritize partner outcomes; advocate for shared objectives and serve as a convener.



Honor the long-standing covenant with constituents that encourages and supports their participation in college events and enjoyment of campus resources.

Midland College will be a place of physical beauty and reflection that nurtures the visual and performing arts; a hub of community programs and activities throughout facilities and grounds; and a space for convening community-wide events and celebrations; community engagement of faculty and staff will be encouraged and supported.

workplace quality

Workplace Quality

Establish a workplace of choice characterized by meaningful work in a collegial atmosphere defined by accountability, mutual respect, professional and personal growth, as well as individual wellness.

Midland College will have an environment that is safe, supportive and adaptive; celebratory of student and employee success and proud of shared accomplishments; and that recognizes the value of healthy work life balance, professional growth opportunities for all employees and competitive compensation.

Stewardship pillar


Attend to the operational priorities and resource maintenance in a manner that reflects community values and the college mission.

Midland College will be a place where students, faculty, staff, and community show care and ownership and where neglect and disregard are not acceptable; old and new facilities are equally valued and maintained; essential upgrades are timely made and functionality kept intact; and the institution shares its story with all constituents.

2024 - 2025 Strategic Initiatives


  • student Personas

  • Achieving the Dream

  • comprehensive Facilities planning

  • new Programs

  • College and Career Connections (C3)

  • Capital Campaign

  • Midland College Shared Values




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