Strategic Planning

GOAL 1: Start

Increase participation in courses, programs and services

Strategic Objective 1.1: Expand community-focused education and training

Strategic Objective 1.2: Expand services focused on increasing community enrollment

GOAL 2: Strive

Support student development and meaningful progress toward educational goals

Strategic Objective 2.1: Promote student competence in managing educational progress

Strategic Objective 2.2: Implement structural changes designed to support student progress

Strategic Objective 2.3: Build innovative, flexible student-centered support and resources

GOAL 3: Succeed

Improve students’ achievement of their educational goals

Strategic Objective 3.1: Align educational programs with the dynamic expectations of partner institutions and employers

Strategic Objective 3.2: Align services with the dynamic expectations of partner institutions and employers

OPERATIONAL GOAL: Institutional Excellence

Maintain the quality of programs, services, support and infrastructure

Operational Objective 1: Attract and retain a qualified, competent, and accountable faculty and staff

Operational Objective 2: Maintain the effectiveness of student-centered instruction and services

Operational Objective 3: Maintain the effectiveness of community improvement activities, and life-long learning and cultural experiences

Operational Objective 4: Maintain fiscal, physical and technological resources that support and strengthen programs and services


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