Safety Protocols

The mission of the Midland College Police Department is to maintain a safe environment for students, staff and visitors. It is our goal to assist you in any way possible. Your safety is of great importance to us. 

All criminal activity, accidents and incidents requiring police investigation should be reported immediately to the Midland College Police Department.


Personal Safety


If your purse or backpack is snatched, don't fight it.  There is nothing in it that can't be replaced. It is not worth getting hurt over. Avoid walking alone as much as possible. Having other people nearby is a great defense. Be alert when you're alone. Be aware of who is around you. Walk confidently, directly and at a steady pace. Attackers look for someone who appears vulnerable. Walk near the curb and avoid shrubbery or other places of concealment. Avoid isolated or poorly lit places and unpopulated areas, such as alleys and vacant lots. Do not hitchhike. Be careful when people in a car stop and ask you for directions. Always reply from a distance and never get too close to the car. If you think you are being stalked, call 911 or MCPD.


Always stand near the control panel. If you suspect trouble or are attacked, push the alarm button and as many floor buttons as possible so that the elevator will halt quickly, probably at the next floor. Respond to instinct, intuition or gut reactions. Don't get on an elevator with someone who makes you feel uneasy. If other passengers get off, leaving you with someone who makes you feel uneasy, get off with other passengers and wait for the next elevator. Allow other passengers to push the buttons for their floors first.


Theft is the most common crime on college campuses. MCPD encourages you to actively prevent crime by taking the following steps. Mark your property with your ID/driver's license number. Be sure to write this number along the spine of the same page in all  your text books. This makes your belongings less appealing to thieves, and raises the chances of having your property returned to you if stolen. Call MCPD to learn more about property engraving.

Never leave your laptop unattended. Even if your laptop is labeled with your state issued ID and secured with a cable lock, it is still a tempting, easy item to steal. So, always take your laptop with you when you go to the bathroom in the library or leave your table to buy a soda in the student center. Keep doors and windows to your dorm or apartment locked at all times. You should even keep doors and windows locked while you're at home. Also, try to create the appearance that someone is home 24/7 by leaving at least one light and a radio/noise-maker on all the time. You can even purchase an electric timer and set it up to turn your stereo, TV and lights on and off at set times.

Don't leave valuables in your car. Especially don't leave things where they are visible. Drape a towel over your dashboard to hide your car stereo's brand and conceal anything else you have to leave in your car inside a compartment or beneath thick blankets that disguise the items shape. Also, consider using a steering wheel lock and installing a "kill switch", and remember to always keep car windows and doors rolled up and locked.

Safety Tips

  • Never pick up hitchhikers.
  • Do not get close to a vehicle if you are walking.
  • When walking to your car, have your keys out and ready.
  • Make an inspection of the exterior and interior before you enter your vehicle. Once inside, lock all doors and windows.
  • Park in well lit areas. Do not park where suspicious persons are loitering.
  • Trust and follow your instincts.
  • Never leave your personal property unsecured or unattended.
  • Always tell someone where you are going and when to expect you back.
  • Avoid walking alone, particularly after dark. If walking alone is unavoidable, be aware of your surroundings.
  • Avoid shortcuts. The shortest route is not always the safest route.
  • Carry your personal belongings in a backpack or similar container that will enable your arms and hands to be free at all times.
  • Never prop your door open, even if you will be gone for only minutes.
  • Always lock doors, screens and windows to prevent uninvited access.
  • Do not give anyone a key to your room. If you lose your key, report it immediately to your Residence Advisor.
  • Never let strangers or acquaintances into your residence hall or apartment. This puts you and others at risk.
  • Know your neighbors. Be aware of suspicious persons and activities.
  • If you observe someone or something suspicious, notify the residence hall staff and the MCPD.

Sexual Assault

Students, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to report sexual assaults to MCPD, whether the assault occurs on or off campus, no matter who the alleged assailant is. Students may report sexual assaults to MCPD, Vice President of Student Services or any other campus security authority. Reporting a sexual assault to college officials or filing a police report does not automatically initiate criminal charges. It is important for persons who have been sexually assaulted to seek medical attention. A representative from the Rape Crisis Center is available to accompany students who have be sexually assaulted to the hospital and for counseling, if desired. A medical examination called a Rape Kit Exam, conducted by an area hospital, will help preserve important evidence of the sexual assault if the person who has been sexually assaulted decides later to prosecute. In accordance with the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 57, victims may use a pseudonym to protect their identity. A pseudonym is a set of initials or a fictitious name chosen by the victim to be used in all public files and records concerning the sexual assault.

If you have been sexually assaulted:

  • Call 911 or MCPD at (432) 685-4734
  • DO NOT shower, bathe or douche
  • Have a trusted friend take you to Midland Memorial Hospital. It is the only hospital in Midland County that performs rape kit examinations. Take the clothes in which you were assaulted with you to the hospital. If reported to the Midland College Police Department, clothing and other items will be provided to you at the hospital.
  • Obtain counseling services through the Midland College Counseling Center at (432) 685-4729.

Remember, it is not your fault. You will recover.

If the complainant elects not to file criminal charges, but still wishes to proceed with formal administrative charges, an investigation is conducted, and the case is referred to the College disciplinary system. Students may contact the Vice President of Student Services to file the complaint at (432) 685-4503. Those students who have been a victim of sexual assault also have the option of being moved from their on campus living arrangements or their class schedule altered in order to protect their emotional health or physical safety. Filing formal charges through the College disciplinary system does not preclude filing criminal and/or civil charges. Students who wish to file criminal and/or civil charges may receive information and assistance from the Vice President of Student Services and Midland College Police Department.

A victim of sexual assault that has occurred on campus should notify the MCPD immediately. Other campus personnel such as residence hall personnel or counselors may assist in reporting the sexual assault to the MCPD. If the assault occurred outside of the MC campus, the local police department where the assault occurred should be called. Campus officials will assist the victim with contacting local law enforcement if requested. The victim should not bathe, douche or change clothes after the assault in order to preserve evidence necessary for the proof of criminal sexual assault. The victim will need to go to a hospital emergency room for a sexual assault examination once the police have been notified. A friend of the victim may take him/her to the hospital or a police officer can provide transportation. The police officer will need to obtain a statement describing the details of the assault.

The Non-Reported Sexual Assault Evidence Program was created in House Bill 2626 by the 81st Texas Legislature and went into effect June 21, 2009. The program allows survivors of a sexual assault to obtain a forensic medical exam and have evidence collected, without cost to the victim, even if they do not wish to involve law enforcement personnel at the time of its collection. This will secure the evidence while giving the victim time to consider if they want to report the assault to law enforcement officials. Victims may contact the Midland College Police Department or the Midland College Counseling Center.

Police Department

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Police Department
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