Texas A&M-Concho Engineering Academy

Texas A&M-Concho Engineering Academy

The Texas Workforce Commission expects, "25% growth in Engineering jobs statewide in the next decade."

The Texas A&M - Concho Engineering Academy @ MC is unlike traditional transfer programs. Students admitted into the Engineering Academy are Texas A&M College of Engineering students from day one!

Students are co-enrolled at Midland College and Texas A&M. While taking math, science, and core curriculum courses at MC, engineering academy students are enrolled and taking engineering courses from Texas A&M faculty on the MC campus.

Students can spend a minimum of one year or a maximum of two years co-enrolled at Midland College before transitioning full time to Texas A&M University in College Station to finish their bachelor's degree.

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  • Smaller student-faculty ratios in math and science courses, which build the foundation in engineering.

  • Substantial financial savings!
    Engineering students in the Engineering Academy program are charged tuition and fees by the institution through which each course is registered. Texas A&M coursework is registered in absentia which allows for a reduction in fees for services not used by students enrolled in a course conducted away from the Texas A&M campus in College Station.

  • Automatic admission to the first choice engineering major at the end of the second semester for engineering students who earn a minimum 3.5 cumulative grade point average (CGPA) at both Midland College and Texas A&M and who complete the required coursework.

  • Participation in all student serves, student activities, student organizations, etc..., and to the fullest extent possible at both institutions.

New & Current MC Students are Eligible



Submit the following items:


Submit the following items:

Midland College will provide pre-qualified students the Texas A&M-Concho Engineering Academy application. Students should submit the Texas A&M Engineering Academy application and all supporting credentials to the Texas A&M Office of Admissions by June 30. 

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Biological and Agricultural Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronic Systems Engineering Technology
  • Industrial Distribution
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Interdisciplinary Engineering
  • Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Multidisciplinary Engineering Technology
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Ocean engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering


  • Attend a mandatory Academy orientation at MC.
  • Meet the Texas A&M College of Engineering Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy.  
  • Enroll in a minimum of 12 total credit hours each fall and spring semester; including the required cohort math, science, and engineering courses. 
  • Do not exceed the summer school limit. 
  • Be aware that withdrawing from courses at either TAMU-CS or MC may affect current and future enrollment in the academy. Prior to withdrawing Academy participants are strongly encouraged to talk with their pathways advisor and the MC Academy Coordinator.
  • Work with your pathways advisor and the MC Academy Coordinator to enroll in courses appropriate for your preferred major at TAMU-CS and plan course schedules to ensure completion of the Program in a timely manner (see the MC Academy Coordinator for more information on the timely completion requirements).
  • Apply for reverse transfer to receive an MC Associate Degree.
  • Maintain grade point average.


  • Students accepted to the Academy will be required to pay the respective tuition and fees separately at both institutions, pro-rated as appropriate based on the semester credit hours enrolled at each institution, by the established deadlines.
  • TAMU-CS courses will not be subjected to the Recreation Sports Fee, the Health Center Fee, and the Student Center Complex Fee.
  • Academy participants living in housing offered by MC will pay housing fees.


  • Academy participants will apply for financial aid and scholarships through MC while they are co enrolled. Information can be found here.
  • As Academy participants begin their transition to TAMU-CS, they should complete the scholarship financial aid process for TAMU-CS. Information can be found here.
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Supported by Concho, the Academy provides talented students an opportunity to pursue their engineering degree in a co-enrollment program between Texas A&M - College Station and MC.

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