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Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement

The Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement programs at Midland College are designed to prepare students for working in the complex Criminal Justice System.

The program is intended to give students a working knowledge of the Criminal Justice system, and exposes students to the individual components of Criminal Justice like Law Enforcement, Court Systems, Probation/Parole.


Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement at Crime Scenes Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement in the Forensics Lab Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement in Traffic Control/Accident Investigation


Program Details

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Midland College offers a choice of two Associate degree options and a certificate in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement.

  • Associate of Science (AS) – Criminal Justice degree is designed to provide courses at the freshman and sophomore levels for students pursuing a baccalaureate degree at a 4-year university with a major or minor in criminal justice. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has designated five courses in the Criminal Justice Field of Study (CJFOS). These courses comprise a core of courses that are guaranteed to transfer to upper-level institutions and apply towards a baccalaureate degree in criminal justice.

  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS) – Law Enforcement degree provides education and training for developing a marketable skill in law enforcement and may qualify the graduate for admission into the Bachelor of Applied Technology at Midland College or a Bachelor of Applied Science program at certain colleges or universities. Students completing the AAS degree option also qualify for admission to the Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT) program at Midland College.

  • A Law Enforcement Certificate is offered for individuals who need to document certain course work.

Universities  offering advanced degrees in Criminal Justice

Midland College has articulation agreements with a variety of schools and programs to assist our students with transferring to a university. Our curriculum maps, located in the catalog, provide a guided path for general transfer to our top five receiving institutions; however, your Pathways Advisor can assist you with a personalized plan for your specific transfer based on university and program. It is strongly recommended and encouraged that you contact your Pathways Advisor for assistance with course selection if you plan to transfer.

Average Salary Range:

  • Police Officer:  $35,200-62,500
  • Correctional Officer:  $23,480-47,802
  • Deputy Sheriff:  $34,000-50,000
  • Security Director:  $25,250-42,500

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