Building Floor Plans

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AFA - Allison Fine Arts Building

Fine Arts & Communications Division Office
McCormick Gallery
Wagner & Brown Auditorium
Early College High School at Midland College

AHSF - Abell-Hanger Science Faculty Building

Math & Science Division Office
MC Behavioral Health Center

AMS - Aaron Medical Science Building

ATC - Advanced Technology Center

Blankenship Lecture Hall
Health Sciences Continuing Education

3200 W. Cuthbert
Midland, TX

CLC - Cogdell Learning Center & Annex

Business & Economic Development Center (BEDC)

201 W. Florida
Midland, TX

CRH - Craddick Residence Hall

DFHS - Davidson Family Health Sciences Building

Davidson Lecture Hall
Health Sciences Division Office
Life Center at Midland College

DNC - Dollye Neal Chapel

DRH - Daniel Residence Hall

FSB - Fox Science Building

HLGC - Helen L. Greathouse Children's Center

Childcare Center
Education Division Office

JEB - Jack E. Brown Building

LCC - Langford Chaparral Center

LRC - Fasken Learning Resource Center

Computer Aided Drafting & Design Lab
General Computer Lab
Teaching & Learning Center

MHAB - Marie Hall Academic Building

Amistad Atrium
Cafe Pepe
Lecture Hall 101
Math Lab
Social & Behavioral Sciences Division Office

ORH - O'Shaughnessy Women's Residence Hall

PAD - Pevehouse Administration Building

Human Resources/Payroll
Information Technology
MC Foundation Office
President's Office
Gibson Board Room

PE - Physical Education Building

Chaparral & Lady Chaparral Athletics
Fitness Center

PPDC - Petroleum Professional Development Center

221 N. Main Street
Midland, TX

SSC - Scharbauer Student Center

Admissions & Outreach
Beal Plaza
Career & Transfer Center
Carrasco Room
Cashier's Office
Financial Aid
Game Room
Herd Faculty Lounge
Internet Cafe
Cowden Dining Hall
MC Police Department
Military Resource Center
Pathways Advisors
Snack Bar & Grill
Student Records
Testing Center
Title IX Coordinator

TC - Technology Center Building & Annex

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology Lab
Adult Education Offices
Applied Technology Division Office
Cosmetology Salon
Language Hub
Public Service Division Office
Vocational Nursing Classrooms & Office
Welding Lab
Workforce Solutions

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