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Ready to move into an Administrative management role in a Healthcare Setting?

Are you ready to advance your career in the healthcare field? Are you seeking leadership positions in a hospital, clinic or managed care organization? Do you want to earn your bachelor’s degree in an environment that fits your busy schedule? Sounds like the Midland College Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Health Services Management (HSM) was designed for you.

Without question, the health sciences field is the single largest industry in the country, accounting for more than 14 million jobs. The Midland College (MC) online bachelor’s program is tailored to your needs, allowing you to earn an undergraduate degree in just two years.

Designed to meet growing needs for managers and mid-level managers in a healthcare setting, this program is intended for students with an Associate degree in health sciences, allied health, nursing, information technology, business, or others.

At MC, we are developing the health workforce of the future. As a graduate of this program, you will be well prepared for success as a manager in your original field of expertise, such as Medical Radiology, Nursing, Nuclear Medicine Technology, and Histology Technology. Other career opportunities, depending upon the focus of the original AAS study, include positions in a wide variety of healthcare settings as mid level managers. 

Students interested in this program should have strong organizational skills, a desire to lead and manage others and the ability to function in an ever-changing business environment. The HSM program is offered completely online. The tuition rates at Midland College are affordable and we have wonderful teachers who care and will dedicate one on one time with students. Students should expect a heavy workload and sit for long periods of time in front of a computer. Students will need a computer and internet connection for this program. The HSM program is scheduled to accommodate your lifestyle, whether you decide to attend full-time or part-time.

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Marketable Skills

Pursuing a degree in this field of study will provide marketable skills in these areas:

  • Judgment and Decision Making – Evaluating different options and selecting the most appropriate plans of action
  • Critical Thinking – Using intellectually disciplined thought processes to determine the appropriate course of action based upon situations presented
  • Social Perceptiveness – Awareness of social reaction of individuals in response to events
  • Communicating – Listening, speaking, reading and writing associated with the healthcare profession
  • Complex Problem Solving – Identifying and analyzing complexity and dependency of problems and proposing potential solutions to promote positive outcomes
  • Systems Evaluation – Measuring the performance of a system/process and performing enhancements to increase the potential of desirable outcomes
  • Management of Resources – Selecting and managing appropriate resources to accomplish organizational goals
  • Coordination – Interaction with multiple people/groups to complete tasks
  • Persuasion – Communicating to individuals and groups in an effort to alter attitude and/or behavior
  • Process Analysis and Improvement – Documenting and analyzing process steps or segments to implement adjustments and changes in order to improve resource utilization and overall throughout

Career Opportunities

There are a number of in-demand career options in the health services management field, including:

  • Clinical Manager
  • Nursing Home Manager
  • Medical Practice Manager
  • Health Care Trainer
  • Surgery Center Manager
  • Business Office Manager
  • Long Term Care Manager
  • Insurance Company Account Manager
  • Consulting Account Manager
  • Government Entity Account Manager

Application Requirements *

Admittance into the program requires an Associate of Applied Science (or equivalent degree) and 33 hours of technical courses. Approved AAS degrees include those in the fields of health sciences, allied health, nursing, information technology, business, or others. Students who have completed an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree may seek entrance to the program after completing 33 credit hours of approved technical specialty coursework. See Department Chair for additional information.


  1. Complete the Midland College application and be accepted (if not already enrolled as a student). Area of study/interest: Health Services Management.  Previous Midland Colleges students not enrolled for two regular semesters (fall/spring) need to re-apply to the college.

    Midland College Application

  2. Complete online Health Sciences General Application

    Health Sciences General Application

  3. Complete the HSM Information Packet

    Health Services Management Information Packet (pdf)

  4. Submit a completed HSM Information Packet and send unofficial college transcripts to HSM office at

  5. Official transcripts must be sent to the Midland College Registrar's office at


If the date falls on a weekend, the application deadline will be the next business day.

  • Fall Semester - July 5th
  • Spring Semester - November 10th
  • Summer Semester - April 25th

Additional Requirements

  • Admittance into the program requires an Associate of Applied Science (or equivalent degree) and 33 hours of technical courses.
  • Before program acceptance, students must review and sign the HSM Student Handbook and Health Sciences Policy and Procedure Manual.
  • Foreign students must comply with additional requirements set by the college, Since the program is completely online, foreign students do not qualify for student visa status, but can complete the program while living at home or in a different country.
  • Proctored Exams are required and students are responsible for costs associated with proctored examinations. Proctored Exams

* Application process and selection subject to change.


QUESTIONS About the Application Process?

Contact us, or (432) 685-6893


Program Estimated Cost Out of District*

BAS in HSM 87 Hrs** $17,052 $3,051 $60 $20,163


* This is subject to change.
** The above program tuition and book costs (including Midland College CORE Curriculum, HSM Program Courses) are estimates based on the 2023-2024 academic catalog with the assumption that 33 technical hours of coursework have been completed.

Required Core Curriculum



Credit Hours

Communication ENGL 6
Communication SPCH 3
Mathematics MATH 3
Life/Physical   8
Language/Philosophy/Culture   3
Creative Arts   3
Social/Behavioral HIST 6
Social/Behavioral GOVT 6
Social/Behavioral   3
Additional KINE 1


Required Program Courses

Course Code


Credit Hours

MHSM 3302 U.S. Health Care Delivery 3
MHSM 3303*

Statistics for Health Care Managers
*Prerequisite MATH 1314 or MATH 1342, grade C or better

MHSM 3310 Legal Issues in Health Care 3
MHSM 3358 Healthcare Revenue Integrity Practices 3
MHSM 3335 Financial Management for Health Professionals 3
MHSM 3362 Current Trends in Healthcare 3
MHSM 3421 Health Information Technologies and Standards 4
MHSM 4304 Risk Management for Health Care Managers 3
MHSM 4310 Human Resources in Health Care Management 3
MHSM 4351 Public and Community Health Management 3
MHSM 4352 Health Care Finance 3
MHSM 4353 Healthcare Operations Management 3
MHSM 4354 Strategic Planning & Leadership in Health Care 3
MHSM 4551 Health Care Management Practicum 5

*Students completing the online MATH 1314 or MATH 1342 class at Midland College will need to complete a pencil and paper midterm and final exam at a verifiable testing center. Students are not required to take the exams at Midland College. Students are allowed to use a local college or university’s testing center or even the local library if they provide proctoring services. Students are given advance notice of the exam due dates and have a long open window in which they can schedule their testing time – including nights and weekends. If you have specific questions regarding this requirement, please contact the Math & Science Division Office at (432) 685-4561.


Completion of Requirements:

To receive a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree in Health Services Management, a student must satisfy the requirements of the Texas Success Initiative and:

  1. Have an approved AAS or equivalent.
  2. Complete a minimum of 120 credit hours as follows:
       a. 33 credit hours of approved technical specialty coursework drawn
           from the associate degree, and
       b. 42 credit hours of Core Curriculum Requirements coursework, and
       c. 45 credit hours of upper-level coursework drawn from the degree
  3. Complete at minimum 25% of degree credit hours through instruction at Midland College.
  4. Have a grade of “C” or better in major course work and approved technical specialty courses.
  5. Have an overall GPA of 2.0 or better.

To be considered for a scholarship, please follow the link below:

General Scholarships

Haley Turner - Spring 2023


Visit the course catalog for the most complete and up-to-date information.



Advisor & Coordinator

Diana Vo
Davidson Family Health Sciences Building
Room 218
(432) 685-6893

Division Office

Health Sciences

Davidson Family Health Sciences Building
Room 105
(432) 685-4863
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Health Services Management Faculty Contact Information



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