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Study Areas

Our study rooms/collaboration labs offer the latest in plug-in technology and whiteboard tables. Each room must be utilized by at least two patrons and may be reserved for two hours on a first come, first served basis. If there is nobody waiting, the time can be extended for one more hour.


An enclosed study area with a large work table, designed as a collaborative group think tank and brainstorming conference room.

Picture of room with students sitting at the table


Features high chairs and has a Smartboard TV that connects easily to a laptop for large screen display and sharing work.

Students sitting at the table looking at the big screen on the wall

WiFi & Internet Access

WiFi Connection

Network Name: MCGUEST
Password: guestaccess

Internet Access

Multiple PCs provide full internet access and are located next to the Circulation Desk on the first floor.


A coin, bill, debit card, and credit card-operated photocopier is located near the southwest stairwell on the first floor for $0.10/page. Scanning is available from hard copies or USB flash Drives for $0.05/page.

Library Information Desk

(432) 685-4560

Building Layout

LRC Floor Plan


  • Students, Faculty and Staff – School issued ID card
  • Dual-Credit Students – ID number, plus proof of access to Canvas
  • General Public – TexShare card
    Residents of Midland County who are 18 years or older may apply for a TexShare card from their public library. The card may be presented at the Circulation Desk when checking out materials. We encourage all non-students who would like to check out certain items from the library to obtain a TexShare card from their home library. We honor the card from all state libraries in the TexShare program.

Check Out Limits

  • Students, Faculty and Staff – Up to 5 books; up to 2 DVD discs
  • Dual-Credit Students – Up to 3 books
  • General Public – Up to 2 items
  • Books are checked out for 14 days with ability to renew at library
  • DVDs are checked out for 7 days with ability to renew at library
  • No over-the-phone renewals

Overdue and/or Lost Items

  • Students, Faculty and Staff – No late fees, but holds will be placed on accounts, including access to transcripts and the ability to register for classes
  • General Public – No late fees, but will contact hosting library to freeze account
  • Lost or Damaged Items - $45 per item, no exceptions


Circulating books are loaned for two weeks and may be renewed.


A book drop is located at the Circulation Desk. When the LRC is closed, books may be returned through the outside book drop, located on the south pillar on the front porch of the LRC.

General Collection

The Library has a collection of over 62,000 volumes arranged by Library of Congress classification. The primary focus of the collection is to support the college's instructional program.

Special Collections

The Library has Health Sciences (HSL), located near Room 125 in the southeast corner of the main floor.


The Reference Desk is centrally located on the first floor. The Reference Collection is housed in the counter-height shelving in the main reading area of the Library, and includes indexes, dictionaries, directories, encyclopedias, bibliographies, atlases, and other materials for in-house use. Please ask for assistance at the Reference or Circulation Desk.


Consists of books, photocopies, loose-leaf materials, and audiovisual materials, which are placed on reserve at the instructor's request. Unless otherwise specified, reserve material does not circulate and these materials may not be taken from the Library. A valid ID must be left at the Circulation Desk while using Reserve materials.


Audiovisual materials are available for students to check out for one week. Among the many resources are DVDs, and compact discs, including feature films and documentaries on many topics.


The online catalog is a means of searching for materials by author, title, subject, or keywords, and is available at


The Library subscribes to over 300 magazines, journals, and newspapers. Current and bound periodicals are shelved on the northwest side of the Library. Please refer to the Midland College Serials Holdings List for our complete holdings. Periodicals cannot be checked out.


The Library does not provide copies of textbooks selected for use in courses at Midland College, unless the instructor has placed copies on Reserve. Course-related textbooks must be purchased in the College Bookstore.


When the book, article(s), or audiovisual material needed is already in use, a hold may be placed on the item at the Circulation Desk. Requestors will be notified when the material is returned and available for use.


Interlibrary loans are available to faculty and MC students. Once located, items will usually be available within two weeks. To request a loan, complete and submit the Interlibrary Loan Request form below. If you have questions about this service, ask the Public Services Librarian in Room 120.

Interlibrary Loan Request 


Multiple, open access desktop computers are located on the first floor near the reference and circulation desk. The area is open to members of the community and students.


  • Students, faculty, and staff must present a current, College issued ID and sign a sign-in sheet before using a computer. First come, first served.
  • Printing is limited to 30 sheets of paper per day per user.
  • Visiting pornographic and obscene websites is strictly prohibited.
  • Food, drink, and/or smokeless tobacco products are not allowed at the computer workstations.
  • All users in the GPL are subject to current local, state, and federal laws, as well as the College’s code of conduct as outlined in the Student Handbook.


Respondus LockDown Browser is not installed on the first floor computers.  LockDown Browser is available on the computers in the General Purpose Lab (GPL), located on the second floor.


Library employees are not authorized proctors. Students are advised to use the Testing Center when taking proctored exams.


The General Purpose Lab (GPL) is an open-access computer lab located on the second floor of the library, and is not restricted by subject matter nor departmental affiliation. The GPL provides access to computers and the internet to complete assignments, conduct online research, access college online resources, and conduct general business requiring computer access.

  • Students and Community members are allowed to use the GPCL, and all must provide proper ID. Only students are allowed to print.
  • Students should use subject-based labs for help understanding/completing class assignments.
  • GPL Lab Monitors are not authorized proctors. Students are advised to use the Testing Center when taking proctored exams.

GPL Hours

  • Opens no later than thirty minutes after the LRC opens
  • Closes no earlier than thirty minutes before the LRC
  • Closed during in-service weeks for MC faculty and staff
  • See Hours page for specific times


  • Twenty-five Windows OS workstations, with Microsoft Office Suite applications, connected to the internet
  • Three black and white networked printers, accessed via the provided computer work stations
  • Access to basic office supplies such as staplers, staple removers, and hole-punches
  • GPL Lab Monitors can assist with most technical issues pertaining to the computers and installed applications. They are not able to help students complete class assignments.
  • Respondus LockDown Browser is installed on all Lab computers


  • Students, faculty, and staff must present a current, college-issued ID and register with the Lab Monitor before using a computer.
  • Special Patrons and the general public must present a current, state issued ID and register with the Lab Monitor before using a computer.
  • Special Patrons and the general public will not be able to print documents in the GPL.
  • In the event that demand exceeds capacity, MC students will be given priority over the other users.
  • Printing is limited to 30 sheets of paper per day per user.
  • Food, drink, and/or smokeless tobacco products are not allowed at the computer workstations.
  • All users in the GPL are subject to current local, state, and federal laws as well as the College’s code of conduct as outlined in the Student Handbook.


The laptop lending service at the Fasken LRC/Library allows students to borrow a laptop for temporary use inside the building. When a student checks out one, s/he accepts responsibility for safeguarding the device. 

Eligible borrowers

  • Laptops are available for check-out by MC students only, and only within the LRC building.
  • Borrowers may not have overdue books, or more than $25 in fines or fees at the time of laptop checkout. Borrowers will be asked to sign their name and time of check out, plus leave their driver’s license or current MC ID card.
  • Any violations of policy and the lending agreement may result in losing lending privileges immediately. 

Availability and time limits

  • The loan period for a laptop is until the building closes for the specific day on the checkout. Checkouts vary with the demand and requests from our patrons. They may be checked out a second time if nobody is waiting or the battery runs out of charge. Laptops are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Students are allowed to charge their own laptops and tablets in the cart’s connective capacity.
  • Laptops are not connected to the LRC’s printers. 

User Agreement

  • Laptop users are expected to exercise reasonable care of the laptops and are fully responsible for any loss or damage. By checking a laptop out from the library, students agree to adhere to the terms of the Laptop Charging Cart Lending Policy and User Agreement.
  • The LRC is not liable for any equipment left unattended in the cart.
  • Policies: Laptop users must comply with library policies, college rules regarding computer use, and all other applicable policies.
  • Restrictions: Only one laptop per student can be checked out at a time from the library. Users cannot lend the laptop to anyone, and it must remain within state borders at all times.
  • Files: The library is not responsible for any lost, erased, or damaged files. All files must be saved to a USB flash drive. All data saved to the hard drive will be deleted automatically if the laptop is restarted, turned off, or logged off. No data on the hard drive can be recovered. No passwords or data should be saved to the laptop.
  • Content: The LRC is not responsible for any objectionable material that may be found on the Internet while using a college owned laptop. College internet cannot block all possible questionable or illegal content, such as pornography. The LRC will follow Technology Use and Ethics from MC Board Policy Manual (5:09:05).
  • Software: Laptop users are not allowed to install, transfer, duplicate, or copy software from the laptops.
  • Damage/Theft: Laptop users must take appropriate steps to protect the laptop from damage and theft. Laptop should not be left unattended at any time.
  • Malfunctions: Report any problems or malfunctions with the laptop so the library staff may arrange to have the laptop serviced in a timely manner. 


A laptop must be returned to the Library Circulation Desk where it was checked out. Laptops must be brought back in similar condition they were checked out in.

Food & Drink Policy

It is the policy of the Murray Fasken Learning Resources Center (LRC)/Library at Midland College to maintain an environment appropriate for the overall protection of library materials and conducive to study/scholarly activities.

We ask that you adhere to the following:

  • Covered drinks, light snacks and packaged/finger foods are allowed in the Murray Fasken LRC/Library at Midland College.
  • If a patron brings in banquet-type meals, they will be asked to eat on the second floor.
  • Absolutely no consumption of any food or drinks near any computer equipment or technologies. If a bite to eat or a drink is necessary, please step away from the area.
  • Drinks and fluids permitted in the library must have spill-proof containers or containers with secure lids.
  • Patrons are encouraged to be mindful of food brought into the LRC. Strong odors and noisy foods can be distracting to others. Sticky or greasy items can ruin library materials and furniture. Therefore, prepackaged snack items and finger food items from the vending machines are highly encouraged.
  • Patrons are fully responsible for cleaning up after themselves. We ask that you dispose all of your trash when you leave a study area to maintain a clutter-free, clean environment. When food and food waste are not properly disposed of, bugs and rodents are attracted to our space.
  • Any spills or messes should be reported immediately to the library staff.

LRC/Library staff reserve the right to ask any patron to remove food and/or beverages from the premises if it constitutes a violation of this policy.

We all share responsibility to keep all buildings on campus clean.

Mission Statement

The mission of the LRC is to facilitate the achievement of the educational goals of Midland College students, faculty, and staff, as reflected in the institution's Mission Statement. A primary objective is to provide and maintain an organized collection of the best materials and information sources in diverse formats to support the curriculum. Staff will assist students in locating information and in becoming competent and self-sufficient users of library resources of the LRC and of other libraries.

A secondary objective is the support of faculty and staff of Midland College in providing the best possible instruction and support services for our students, both on and off campus.

The LRC serves the entire community of Midland and the service area, both student and non-student populations, as an educational conduit and information clearinghouse. It participates in library networks and consortia for resource sharing and other collaborative activities in pursuit of its mission.

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