Pathways Advising

                                                                                         The Pathways Advising Team


Midland College Pathways Advising Team provides intentional and holistic academic advising to help guide students in making academic, transfer, and career pathway decisions.


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Once an application has been processed, students will be assigned a Pathways Advisor to help process requirements and complete registration. This advisor will stay with you until graduation (unless your major changes substantially).

Transient Students are not assigned an advisor since they are not following a graduation plan at Midland College and have an assigned academic advisor at their degree-seeking institution. Our Transient Team will assist these students.
  1. Which requirements are needed to be registration ready.
  2. Identify a pathway that aligns with their personal career goals and academic abilities;
  3. Create an educational plan according to pathways/meta-major;
  4. Develop decision-making skills regarding degrees and career goals;
  5. Navigate My MC Portal, MC email, Canvas, and other MC resources.
  • Help students understand Midland College policies, regulations, and procedures
  • Help students plan out a schedule based on your pathway
  • Help students explore career options and transfer requirements
  • Provide students with information about campus resources and services
  • Assess student progress throughout their educational career



Who is my advisor?

Every student is assigned a Pathways Advisor based on their educational goal. The advisor and student work collaboratively to establish a clear academic pathway and develop educational goals based on personal interests and abilities. Students can identify their assigned advisor by logging onto My MC Portal, clicking the Students tab, then scrolling down to "Academic Information" module. If unable to locate your Advisor, send an email to and include your name, MC Student ID# and major for assistance.

Meet the Advisors


How can I add/drop a class?

Not all students are able to add/drop courses on My MC Portal. We recommend students consult with their assigned Pathways Advisor first to make sure they register for the correct courses in their degree plan. If able to register, follow these steps:

    1. Login to My MC Portal.
    2. Select “Students” tab.
    3. Click “Register for Classes” icon.
    4. If “You have holds and are not allowed to Add and Drop courses” is displayed, contact your Pathways Advisor to register.
    5. Be sure to select the correct term to see all course options and use course search filters for specific courses (online only for example). Pay close attention to start/end dates.
    6. Check the “Add” column on the row of the course to add.
    7. Scroll down and click the “Add” button/icon.
    8. Check your schedule to make sure it looks correct. Feel free to ask your assigned Pathways Advisor to double check.

How do I withdraw from classes?

Before withdrawing, here are few important things to know...

  • First - Only 6 withdraws are allowed for an entire undergraduate college career. However, there are certain circumstances where course withdrawal does not count for this 6 drop limit.

  • Second - Students are still responsible for the tuition for this class and/or withdrawing may impact financial aid eligibility. Check with Financial Aid before withdrawing.

  • Third - If the student decides to stay in the course, they can retake at a later semester for a grade replacement.

Are appointments required to meet with my advisor?

YES! To meet with your assigned Pathways Advisor (in person, on the phone, or via Microsoft Teams), appointments are required.

We do not take walk-in appointments. However, if you need to submit documents for any admission requirements, there is an advisor ready to meet with you when you come to the Scharbauer Student Center.

To request an appointment, email your Advisor. Students with registration holds will not be able to meet with an Advisor until the hold is resolved. Your Advisor can assist with instructions on how to resolve holds.

How to I access the Portal?

My MC Portal is where students access everything they need as a student at Midland College.

MyMC1 Login Instructions


How do I access Canvas?

Canvas is the online Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas courses include the syllabus, course content, assignments, and tests (as determined by the instructor). For instructions on how to login Canvas, click the link below. A short-cut link to Canvas is also available in My MC Portal under Helpful links on the left or on the Students tab.

Canvas Instructions


How can I access my student email?

All students are provided with a Google email account. For instructions, click the link below. A short-cut link to your email account is in My MC Portal under Helpful links on the left or on the Students tab.

Student Email Instructions


How do I know I have holds on my account?

To view active holds, login to My MC Portal, click the Students tab, and select the “Student Holds” icon. For more information regarding these holds, email your assigned Advisor.

What is TSI?

TSI stands for Texas Success Initiative, and this is a college readiness standard set by the State of Texas. It is a requirement based on your major. The TSI requirement can be met in many ways, but sometimes students need to take the TSI Assessment. The TSI Assessment is a placement exam trying to determine what classes are best to succeed as a student at MC. There is no limit on how many times students can take the TSI Assessment.

For information regarding study prep, testing appointments, and exemptions for the TSI exam, visit the Testing Services webpage.

Testing Services


How do I transfer my credits from my previous college?

To have credits from a previous institution applied here at MC, submit an official copy of your transcripts to our Records Department for processing. Send official transcripts electronically to or mail to:

Midland College Records
3600 N. Garfield
Midland, TX 79705

When we receive transcripts, they are not automatically evaluated. Transcript evaluation occurs once a student has registered for classes, is receiving financial aid, or by request of the student’s assigned Advisor. Midland College requires official transcripts from all prior institutions attended. For additional information, email your assigned Advisor.

How do I get a copy of my MC transcript?

To view an unofficial copy of your MC transcript, login to My MC Portal, click the Students tab, then click the “Transcripts & Forms” link on the left navigation bar. To order an official copy of your transcript or request to have it sent to another institution, visit the Transcripts webpage.


How do I know if I am eligible for financial aid?

We have a great team of experts in our Financial Aid Department ready to assist students with financial aid questions. First step is to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. Multiple types of aid are available. Pathways Advisors are not Financial Aid experts, but students will have an assigned Financial Aid Advisor to guide them through the process and answer questions.

Applying for Financial Aid/FAFSA


Can I receive financial aid if I am not a full time (12+ credit hours) student?

It depends on your eligibility. Contact your assigned Financial Aid Advisor for assistance.

If I drop classes mid-semester, will I still get financial aid?

It depends on your financial aid package. A portion of your awarded aid may need to be paid back, depending on your circumstances. Dropping classes also affects future aid. We recommend contacting the Financial Aid office prior to dropping courses.

What scholarships can I apply for?

Midland College awards over $1 million in student scholarships annually. Once the FAFSA process is complete, students can apply for scholarships. Students do not have to be eligible to receive federal financial aid to apply for scholarships. However, our scholarships require all students complete the FAFSA process to be eligible for scholarships. There is one application for all the scholarships offered at Midland College.



How to Contact the Financial Aid Department

(432) 685-5511

How Do I pay my bill?

Tuition bills may be paid in full online or in person at the Cashier’s Office.

Payment Plans

  • Payment plans can ONLY be setup online.

  • Payment plans have a $30 enrollment fee. A certain percentage has to be paid by first class day. The sooner a payment plan is started, the more options are available.

  • Steps to set-up a Payment Plan:
    • Login to My MC Portal
    • Click the "Students” tab at the top of the page
    • Once on the Students tab, scroll down and click on “My Account Info/Make Payment” to the left column
    • Select “Go to Transact” A summary of balances due will appear
    • Select “Make a Payment” in bottom right corner
    • Select the Year(s) and Terms(s) you wish to make a payment against
    • Enter the amount you are paying – partial payments require a payment plan
    • Select “Checkout” on the bottom right-hand corner
    • Select payment method and follow prompts

Cashier's Office

Contact for any issues. Be sure to include your MC Student ID# for assistance.

When is payment due?

Payment arrangements need to be made by the first class day to avoid being dropped for non-payment.

When is the last day for 100% refund if I were to drop my classes?

The last day to drop and receive 100% refund is the day before the class begins. On or after the first day of class, students may receive a partial refund, based on the date the course is dropped. The MC Catalog includes a refund schedule.

Tuition & Fees


How do I get my refund?

Any amount of money remaining on your account after institutional charges have been paid will be disbursed to students in two ways:

  1. Student's personal bank account designated on My MC Portal
    From the Students tab, select “Direct Deposit Designation” on the left-hand navigation bar to enter your personal bank account information for direct deposit.

  2. Paper Check
    Notifications are sent via MC Student email if a refund check has been issued. There is a time period for pick up in person, but if not picked up, it will be mailed. Make sure your mailing address on record is correct.

Where do I go to view my course schedule?

Course Schedules are located in My MC Portal on the Students tab. Select “View My Schedule” icon. Be sure to select the correct term (Fall, Spring, Summer) to view your complete schedule.

How do I find my instructor/professor’s contact information?

Search by name in our online directory. This information is also included on your course syllabus.

MC Online Directory


Where do I find my degree plan?

To avoid confusion, please contact your assigned Pathways Advisor for your individualized degree plan.

How do I find my classes on campus?

Students can find their class building and room number on their course schedule.

With the building name, check the virtual campus map and building/room floor plans. Pay close attention to emails before the first class day because sometimes class locations change.

Main Campus Map


Where are my online courses located?

Midland College uses Canvas for online course management. In some instances, there may be required face-to-face attendance for proctored exams or lab requirements. Check the course syllabus for detailed information or consult your instructor regarding any in person attendance requirements.

New student Canvas accounts are created a few days before classes begin. Courses will not be available in Canvas until the first class day.



How do I know what books and class materials I need for each course?

Students can take their course schedule to the Bookstore on campus, and the Bookstore Staff will help students find all textbooks/course materials. Students can also view course materials needed on My MC Portal. Pull up your schedule, click the hyperlinked course code for each class, and select “View Course Materials at the Bookstore” or search by class on the Bookstore website.

MC Bookstore


Where can I get tutoring?

Tutoring Services are available to all students through a variety of deliveries. For details, contact your instructor or visit the Labs & Tutoring page.

Labs & Tutoring

Where can I get my student ID card?

CHAP ID cards can be obtained in the Student Life Office, located in the Scharbauer Student Center (Room 129). ID cards are required to use the campus Fitness Center and Library resources. A valid, state-issued ID is necessary in order to obtain a CHAP ID card. Click the link below to schedule an appointment.

Who do I need to contact for accommodations?

For Accommodation Services, contact Bradley Gwatney. His contact information and resource details are located on the Accommodation Services webpage.

Accommodation Services


How do I get a parking permit?

Parking Permits are issued by the Midland College Police Department. Permits are issued in person at the Scharbauer Student Center Police Department Office (Room 136) during normal business hours.

License plate information is required.

Driving & Parking on Campus


How do I update personal information on my Midland College Record?

For Address Update and/or Residency Changes, complete and submit the Address/Residence Change Request form.

Change of Address and/or Residency Change Request

For phone number, name, personal email or any other personal information, complete and submit the Update Student Information form.

Update Student Information


Who do I talk to about graduation and if I am eligible?

To check your graduation status or eligibility, schedule an appointment with your assigned Advisor or send them an email.

Military Resource Center

If you or your parent is a current or former service member, our Military Resource Center is ready to assist.

Military: Steps to Enroll

MC Mental Health Services

Counseling and mental health services are available to all Midland College students, including online only students. We have a full-time Counselor on staff to meet with or refer students for community resources. There are many stressors that may impact academic performance, and we are here to help.

Mental Health Resources


Student Emergency Fund

For students experiencing a financial or personal hardship that impacts their ability to attend class or do coursework, they  can request financial help or a referral to a community resources for assistance. 

Chaps Helping Chaps


Campus Activities and Student Clubs

As Advisors, we highly recommend students get involved on campus. We have a variety of Campus Activities and Student Clubs to join. Getting involved on campus promotes better academic performance and networking opportunities.

Student Clubs & Activities


Helpful Links




Midland College has many programs and options for our students. If you are investigating the opportunities we offer, our Welcome Center is the perfect place to receive general information.

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Thank you for choosing Midland College! Whether you are here to earn a few credits, take courses to transfer or start a new career, we welcome you.