Geography/Global Studies

The Geography/Global Studies program provides students with a foundation of general education and core courses that are enriched with international topics, perspective and focus. This program of study prepares students to successfully pursue their professional and personal endeavors in an increasingly globalized environment.

Courses in the Geography/Global Studies program provide a strong academic foundation for students who intend to transfer to a four-year institution of higher education to continue their education in geography, global studies, international studies, or in related fields such as political science, or intelligence and national security studies.

Area universities that offer a degree in one or more of these fields include: Angelo State, Baylor, North Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Christian, Texas State, Texas Tech, University of Houston, University of Texas, UTEP, UTPB, UTSA, and West Texas A&M.

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  • GEOG 1303 - World Regional Geography
    Study the modern world’s major regions and important social and environmental conditions and developments.

  • GEOG 1302 - Human Geography
    Study patterns of human experience, including globalization, population, migration, culture, language, religion, and identity.

  • GEOG 1301 - Physical Geography
    Study the physical processes that have made Earth what it is today.
No minimum TSI score is required to enroll in these courses.
Courses count towards general degree requirements and can transfer to a university.


Winter Interim 2023

GEOG 1303 – World Regional Geography
Web; 12/11/23 – 12/29/23

Spring 2024

GEOG 1301 – Physical Geography
Web; 1/16/24 - 3/7/24

GEOG 1303 – World Regional Geography
Web; 3/19/24 - 5/9/24


Program Details

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Midland College has articulation agreements with a variety of schools and programs to assist our students with transferring to a university. Our curriculum maps, located in the catalog, provide a guided path for general transfer to our top five receiving institutions; however, your Pathways Advisor can assist you with a personalized plan for your specific transfer based on university and program. It is strongly recommended and encouraged that you contact your Pathways Advisor for assistance with course selection if you plan to transfer.

Students develop skills applicable to a wide variety of careers, including:

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Deep understanding of the institutions and processes that shape the world
  • Cross-cultural knowledge and understanding
  • Critical thinking and creative problem-solving
  • Ability to formulate clear and persuasive messages
  • Listening, clarifying, questioning and responding skills
  • Ability to work well independently and collaboratively
  • Civil Service Worker
  • Congressional Aide
  • Consular/Embassy Assistant
  • Consultant
  • Diplomat
  • Emergency Manager
  • Environmental Specialist
  • FBI Agent
  • Foreign Correspondent
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Global Human Resources Manager
  • Higher Education Professional
  • Humanitarian Relief Worker
  • Import/Export Agent
  • Intelligence Officer
  • International Account Executive
  • International Business Consultant
  • International Development Consultant
  • International Financial Planner
  • International Relations Specialist
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer
  • Legal Assistant
  • Lobbyist
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Policy Analyst
  • Professor
  • Program Manager
  • Public Affairs Coordinator
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Social Worker
  • Teacher
  • Trade Specialist
  • Travel Agent
  • United Nations Officer
  • Urban Planner
  • World Health Organization Officer
  • Kelly Cass – Weather Channel On-Air Meteorologist
  • Tom Clark – Comedian and Actor
  • Kevin Ford – NASA Astronaut; United States Air Force Colonel
  • Michael Francis – Marketing VP for Target
  • Ban Ki-moon – Secretary General of the United Nations
  • John F. Kennedy – United States President
  • Michael Jordan – Basketball Player
  • Mark Lippert – United States Ambassador to South Korea
  • Michael McFaul – United States Ambassador to Russia
  • Amy Pascal – Film Producer, Sony Pictures
  • Joseph Prueher - United States Ambassador to China
  • Bill Richardson – United States Congressman; Governor of New Mexico
  • Ron Silver – Film Actor and Producer
  • Arlen Specter – United States Senator from Pennsylvania
  • Prince William – British Royal Family and heir apparent to the British throne

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Department Chair

Sonya Laster
Marie Hall Academic Building
Room 163
(432) 685-6885  


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Social & Behavioral Sciences and Business

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