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My MC1 Login is ONE username and ONE password for ALL MC student applications!

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Account Access

MC student email accounts are created 1-4 days after completing your application. It may take longer if the college is closed for holidays.


Login Instructions

Username: MC Email Address (Ex:

Student email address is a combination of your name and MC student ID.

First letter of first name + first three letters of last name + last three numbers of your MC Student ID followed by

Example: Joe Canvas with ID 123006789
Email Address:

MC Student ID

After applications are processed, each student should receive a welcome email containing their student ID. This email is sent to the email address provided in the application. If that email cannot be located, check your spam folder or complete the Request My ID form to have it emailed again.

Email Account

Visit if you have questions about your MC email account.

Initial Password: Combination of your name and MC Student ID

If you do not know your MC student ID, please complete and submit the Request My ID form.

If you have a 9-digit MC Student ID
1st initial of your first name + 1st three letters of your last name + your complete Midland College student ID

Student:  John Smith 
MC ID:  123004567
Password = jsmi123004567

If you have a 5-digit MC Student ID
1st initial of your first name + 1st three letters of your last name + 0000 + your complete Midland College student ID

Student:  John Smith 
MC ID:  12345
Password = jsmi000012345

Reset Password Upon First Login

Once you enter your email address and initial password, you will be prompted to reset your password. The new password must contain at least 12 characters.

Need Assistance?

If you have questions about your My MC1 Login or need to have your password reset, contact the IT Help Desk at or (432) 685-4788. Be prepared to answer questions to verify your identity when making this request.

Multiple Roles

Because employee accounts and student accounts are both Microsoft accounts, only one can be accessed at a time, on a single web browser. To switch roles, either completely sign out of one account and sign into the other, OR open two two different web browsers (Ex: Chrome and Firefox).

Student Credentials

Employee credentials


Student Login

Accessing Your MC Student Accounts

Step-by-step instructions for the following:

  • Identify your Student ID
  • Identify your email address
  • Identify your default account password
  • Create a new account password
  • Locate resources in MyMC Portal

My MC Portal Login Instructions (pdf)




Password Management

Dual Authentication Set-up

Dual authentication helps protect your account against malicious hackers and gives you the ability to reset your password in the future.

To set-up dual authentication for your My MC1 login, go to and add your cell phone number and/or personal email address where indicated.

For detailed instructions, click the link below or watch the video tutorial.

Password Management Instructions (pdf)



Account Access

All currently registered Midland College students have access to the programs listed below. Click icons below for more information about each program.


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Need Help?

Contact the IT Help Desk 
(432) 685-4788

If leaving a voice message or sending an email, include your Full Legal Name, Date of Birth, and MC ID, along with your email address and a detailed description of the problem.