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Health Information ManagementHIM

Interested in a healthcare career that offers dynamic opportunities but does not require direct patient care? Then Health Information Management (HIM) is for you!

HIM professionals are responsible for patient information, business and legal aspects of healthcare, and assisting with maintaining a viable revenue stream for facilities.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the HIM field is growing much faster than other occupations, offering students a multitude of job opportunities.


Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM)


Health Information Management professional reviewing medical files Health Information Management professional working with medical staff Health Information Management professional reviewing medical file with doctor


Joining Our Program

The following must be completed before applying:

  1. Apply to Midland College at as a Pre-Health Professions major (for Associate degrees and Coding/Billing Certificates) and complete the following courses with a "C" or better:
      • HITT 1205: Medical Terminology
      • BCIS 1305 or BCIS 1405: Business Computer Applications Course (3 or more hours)
      • BIOL 2404: Human Anatomy and Physiology OR BIOL 2401 & BIOL 2402
  2. Complete the Texas State Initiative Assessment (TSIA) components as follows:
      • HIM Associate degree - math, reading, and writing
      • Medical Coding Specialist - does not require TSIA completion
      • Health Data Coordinator - does not require TSIA completion
  3. Foreign Students must comply with additional requirements set by the college and can be found on the International Student page. Because the program is online, foreign students do not need to qualify for visa status, but can complete the program in their country.

Complete application packet

Applications are accepted year-round and students are accepted upon completion of prerequisites and maintaining a GPA of 2.0.

Download the application packet, complete the application, sign in ink, and return to Jennifer Giglio at, or mail to:

Midland College
Attn: HIM Dept
3600 N. Garfield
Midland, TX 79705

HIM Application (pdf)

Clinical Requirement

Students will be required to have a TB screening, vaccinations as required by participating facility, liability insurance and a negative drug screen prior to any clinical course.

All students should be prepared to do clinical experiences at a location apart from where they reside. Any expenses incurred in doing a clinical away from home, including transportation, parking, and living expenses are the responsibility of the student and are not included in tuition costs.

Individuals who have been convicted of a felony may be denied clinical placement by facilities, thereby making completion of the program impossible. The program will not guarantee clinical placement to students with a criminal background.

If you have a current CCS or CCS-P, CCA, or CPC credential and maintain your CEUs while attending college, you may receive credit for the following classes:

  • HITT 1205 Medical Terminology
  • HITT 1341 Coding and Classification Systems
  • HITT 1342 Ambulatory Coding
  • HITT 2335 Coding and Reimbursement Methodologies
  • HITT 2340 Advanced Medical Billing and Reimbursement
  • HITT 1161 Clinical - Health Information Management: Coding

Proof of the active credential needs to be on file with the HIM program throughout the completion of the program.

Program estimated cost In-District


Health Data Coordinator


Medical Coding Specialist


HIM Associate Degree


Tuition estimates are based on full-time hours for each program with the assumption that no previous coursework has been completed. Estimates based on academic year 2018-2019.

New book costs are estimated to be $2,500 for AAS degree, $2,000 for Medical Coding Specialist Certificate, and $1,000 for Health Data Coordinator certificate.

Proctored Exams

Program courses require proctored exams. Students are responsible for any costs associated with proctor examinations.


Associate of Applied Science - Health Information Management Degree


Medical Coding Specialist Certificate


Health Data Coordinator Certificate

Note: Course requirements for each degree and certificates are denoted by an “X”
HITT 1205 – Medical Terminology X X X
BCIS 1305 – Computer Applications X X X
BIOL 2404 – Anatomy & Physiology X X  
HITT 1301 – Health Data Content & Structure X X X
HITT 1311 – Health Information Systems X X X
HITT 1353 – Legal & Ethical Aspects of HIM X X X
Humanities/Fine Arts Elective X    
HITT 1345 - Healthcare Delivery Systems X   X
HITT 2327 - Vendor Specific HIT Systems X    
HPRS 2301 - Pathophysiology X X  
ENGL 1301 - Composition I X    
HITT 1341 - Coding & Classification Systems X X  
HITT 1342 - Ambulatory Coding X X  
HITT 2339 - Health Information
                    Organization & Supervision


Social/Behavioral Science Elective X    
HITT 2335 - Coding & Reimbursement



HITT 2343 - Quality Assessment &


HITT 2340 - Advanced Medical Billing &



Speech Elective X    
HITT 1161 - Coding Clinical X X  
HITT 2160 - HIM Clinical X    
HITT 2149 - RHIT Review X    
Total Hours 60 34 17

Apply for General Scholarships through the Financial Aid Portal

How to Apply

  1. Login to your My MC Portal
  2. Click the Students tab
  3. Click the "Financial Aid Portal" link
  4. Under Log In, provide your Social Security Number and password. If you do not have a password, click the "First Time User" link at the bottom-right and follow prompts.

For additional general scholarship details and deadlines, visit the General Scholarships page.

General Scholarships

Missing the "Financial Aid Portal" link?

To have access to the Financial Aid portal and apply for scholarships, the student's FAFSA application must be on file with MC Financial Aid.

If the students FAFSA application is not on file with MC Financial Aid, the student must fill out the FAFSA application first and once processed, will be able to complete the general scholarship application.

FAFSA Information

Visit the course catalog for the most complete and up-to-date information.

HIM Opportunities


  • Patient Care Coordinator
  • Insurance Claims
  • Patient Registrar
  • Benefits Coordinator
  • Coder
  • Biller
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Improvement Specialist
  • DRG Validator


  • Hospitals
  • ER Clinics
  • Nursing Homes
  • Local and State Facilities
  • Physician's Offices
  • Clinics

Student Success


  • Organized and detail-oriented individuals
  • Comfortable with a computer and technology
  • Access to a reliable computer
  • Strong internet connection
  • Ability to handle a heavy workload and sitting at a computer for long periods of time

"I enjoyed being in the HIM program at Midland College. I enjoyed the instructors and they were always available helping when I needed help. I worried about the program being online, but it worked out. I learned a lot in this program and made friends along the way. The department chair, Dr. Elizabeth Neichter, was amazing and extremely helpful.  I hope others enjoy the experience as much as I did!"
                     Michelle Nelson, 2017

HIM Program Contact Information

(432) 685-4600, ex 6891

Main Campus - Davidson Family Health Science Building



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