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Financial Aid





Due to recent directives from the Department of Education, Midland College can no longer accept documents with sensitive data by fax or unencrypted email. In order to send documents by email, you must encrypt the email and send a password to open the encrypted email separately. We cannot continue processing your FAFSA until all documents have been received; partial submissions will not be accepted. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on My MC Portal (Do not log in).
  3. On left hand side under “Quick Links”, click “Financial Aid Portal”.
  4. Log in, if first time user click on first time user to set up account.
  5. Once logged in, click on the Menu icon on the top left and select “Documents and Messages”
  6. Read through the important information. You will then see a list of documents and the status of “Received” or “Not Received.” Next to each document whose status is “Not Received,” you may see the option to “Upload,” only if the upload function is available for this document type.
  7. Browse for the saved file of your document on your computer to upload.
  8. Or you can mail in the documents – not all documents can be uploaded.

Mail to:

Midland College Financial Aid
3600 N Garfield
Midland, TX  79705

** Due to COVID-19, the Department of Education has temporarily waived the notary requirement on all documents that require a notary signature.  

Email and include the following information request to have your account reset:

  • Name
  • Student ID
  • Last 4 of SSN
  • DOB

Your SAP GPA is different from your Academic GPA. All grades from any previous institution(s) and semesters are included in your SAP and do count against you. Your Academic GPA will always be higher since you can make up grades and are allotted withdrawals. However on your SAP, everything counts, including F’s and W’s.

At this time we are waiting for further guidance from the Department of Education on how completely withdrawing or dropping a class will impact Satisfactory Academic Progress. Withdrawing from a course has the same effect as an “F” on your SAP GPA.

Please note that if you withdraw from a course you may be responsible for any charges if financial aid is impacted. As long as you keep your SAP GPA above the 2.0, and are successfully completing at least 67% of your attempted courses, then you will still be eligible for financial aid. If you fall below the 2.0, or the 67% requirements, you will be placed on a warning. If you are already on warning then you will be placed on financial aid suspension.

If you are having difficulty, email and someone can set up a time to conference with you.

Visit the Midland College Bookstore website and check your course materials for summer and fall semesters.

The Financial Aid Office no longer issues vouchers to the students. Instead, when checking out online, you have the option of applying financial aid to your balance with the bookstore if it is available to you.

The Financial Aid Office no longer requires students to complete Summer Pell Agreements. You can check your account via your My MC Portal or email if you have any questions pertaining to your summer aid.

The Department of Education has announced the pausing of interest on federal loans to support impacted student borrowers. The interest accrual pause will apply to all federal loans, including those participating in income-driven repayment plans, those in forbearance, federally-held Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) loans, and federally-held Perkins loans. The interest waiver will be automatic, retroactively dated, though Department of Education officials said it may take time to operationalize. For additional information please follow this link.



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