Natural Gas Compression

For decades, natural gas compression has been the cornerstone of various industries, powering essential machinery and systems vital for operations. From gas gathering units to transmission pipelines, natural gas compression technicians are at the forefront, ensuring these systems operate efficiently and reliably.

Whether it's maintaining compressor stations or troubleshooting compression equipment, these technicians are pivotal in optimizing natural gas transmission networks. Their expertise is indispensable in the energy sector, making a career in natural gas compression an attractive option for individuals seeking stable and rewarding employment opportunities.

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Midland College Natural Gas Compression program offers an Associate of Applied Science to equip students with the skills needed to excel in this field. From understanding electronics and panel/skid diagrams to grasping emission control systems and electric motor drives, our curriculum covers all aspects of natural gas compression technology.

In addition to technical skills, students also learn about compressor systems and gain knowledge of Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) procedures and regulations. This holistic approach prepares graduates to tackle real-world challenges in the industry confidently.

With hands-on training and a focus on practical experience, our program prepares students for successful careers as Natural Gas Compression Technicians, contributing to the efficient operation of gas compression packages across various sectors.

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Department Chair

Erick Gutierrez
Department Chair, Associate Professor
Cogdell Learning Center
Cogdell Technical Building, Room
(432) 686-4917



Natural Gas Compression Faculty Contact Information

Division Office

Applied Technology

Marie Hall Academic Building
Room 176
(432) 685-4676
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