Midland College’s Energy Technology program trains next generation of in-demand oil workers

Midland College’s Energy Technology program trains next generation of in-demand oil workersNovember 04, 2019

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Several years ago, a lucrative oil field job lured Nicholas Michael Ramos away from higher education, but this time around he is not going to let that happen again.

“I suffered a job-related injury in the field,” explained Ramos. “That experience is what made me make up my mind about going back to school. I thought, ‘Enough being just a hand; I want to be the guy in charge!’ So I went back to Midland College, and the Energy Technology program is helping me get to the next level. If you know this industry, everything relates to another in some way.”

Ramos said every class at MC builds on the next, and balancing it all with the demands of his job as a field tech is a challenge. He recently had to resign from his second job to make room in his life to excel at school.

“I always tell people interested in going back to school to prioritize their time,” said Ramos. “Having multiple responsibilities is tough, and the coursework only gets tougher at the higher levels.”

Ramos’ ultimate goal of calling the shots for a large oil company also keeps him motivated.

“All the major companies are hiring individuals like me,” Ramos said. “In the environment where we live, college-educated oil and gas professionals are very much in high demand. I know after graduating from MC with my associate degree in Energy Technology that I will be able to have a very challenging, financially stable job with a major company.”

Ramos currently works in the oil field, but he says his courses are teaching him new concepts every day. One of the most eye-opening aspects of the program so far is computer automation.

“When you take MC Energy Technology courses, you find out so much more information than you ever thought,” said Ramos. “I have learned so much in three semesters – it is shocking. For example, it is amazing how much technology we depend on. It is one thing to work with equipment, but it is another thing to understand it. One of my favorite classes so far was the Programmable Logic Controllers class. I wrote code and it was pretty amazing to see how everything works.”

One of Ramos’ professors, Jerymar Schmid, recently shared inspiring news with him. Schmid says Ramos was the highest scoring student in her course.

“Knowing I achieved such a good grade in my class energizes me,” stated Ramos.

“Nicholas is a very determined and focused student,” said Schmid. “My class teaches the fundamentals, but Nicholas’ questions and his work shows he is taking what I teach and thinking it through to the next level. He always eagerly wants more—more math exercises, more examples. He is always looking to exceed expectations. He has what it takes to be a great engineer. He is a team player, which is important in the oil industry. Having been in the field myself, I know he has a bright future.”

When Ramos graduates he will become the first in his family to get a college degree.

“Graduating and crossing the stage is a big deal in my family,” Ramos said. “They are all very excited for me to achieve this goal.”

Ramos credits his family and MC for supporting him every step of the way.

“MC is a school that always has its head on its shoulders,” Ramos said. “All the processes are pretty straightforward. I have always liked MC for how fast that not only the professors, but also the administrators, respond to almost anything. I am in the Energy Technology Program, but MC has a lot of great programs going on that connect graduates to job needs in the community.”

The Energy Technology Program is housed at MC’s Advanced Technology Center at 3200 W. Cuthbert Street. For more information, visit www.midland.edu/energytech

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