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WRTTC student on his way up the career ladderNovember 08, 2019

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Nineteen-year-old Treston Armendariz knows the meaning of hard work.  He’s been working since he was 12. 

“I started mowing lawns when I was in junior high,” said Armendariz.  “When I got a little older, I worked at a carwash and have held various jobs at fast food places.  I’ve also worked at the Sagebrush Café.”

Approximately 18 months ago while Armendariz was in his senior year at Fort Stockton High School, he started working at Walmart, and is now on a management track.  He currently works in the Loss Prevention department at the Fort Stockton Walmart.  His responsibilities include not only ensuring that items are priced correctly, but also coordinating procedures to control customer and employee theft.  At times, his job takes him to Walmart stores in other West Texas towns, such as Midland, Seminole, Abilene and Pecos in order to assist their Loss Prevention departments.

“I love working at Walmart!” exclaimed Armendariz.  “It’s a great company.  I’ve already started a 401k retirement plan, and I know that if I work hard and smart, there is a strong chance for promotion.”

In fact, at the recommendation of his supervisors, Armendariz recently interviewed for an assistant manager position.  He knows that a college education is important if he wants to move up the career ladder.  He is currently enrolled in classes at the Midland College Williams Regional Technical Training Center (WRTTC) in Fort Stockton and plans to major in business. 

“The first college course I ever took was a dual credit Government course when I was in high school,” explained Armendariz.  “I thought it would be really hard, but as it turned out, it wasn’t that bad.  At first taking a college course intimidated me, and I did have to study a little harder than I did in my regular high school classes, but it was pretty interesting, so I didn’t mind the extra study time.”

While in high school, Armendariz was very involved in sports.  He played football, basketball and did powerlifting.  On the football team, he played the positions of offensive right guard, defensive end and defensive tackle. 

Today, Armendariz keeps busy working 40+ hours each week and taking college courses.  He credits staff at the WRTTC for helping him enroll in classes and apply for financial aid.  He really appreciates the work of WRTTC Student Advisor Andres Madrid.

“Andres coaches us along the way of the enrollment process,” said Armendariz.  “He makes sure we get things done.

“Sometimes it’s hard to work a full-time job and take classes, but I know that in order to get ahead, a college education is important.  I want to succeed in my career at Walmart.  I also want to be the first person in my family to graduate from college!”

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