Police officer enjoys serving and protecting his hometown

Police officer enjoys serving and protecting his hometownMarch 01, 2022

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In July 2021, Estevan Tamez graduated from the Midland College Police Academy at the Williams Regional Technical Training Center (WRTTC) in Fort Stockton.  Approximately four months ago, he began working for the Fort Stockton Police Department.

“Before deciding on a career in law enforcement, I worked in the oilfield,” Tamez said.  “It was hard work, lots of travel.  There were many times when I would work until late at night on a rig and then have to be in Midland early the next morning.  I also suffered several layoffs.  The pay was good, but there was never any job security.”  

Tamez also held various other jobs, including working for a solar farm, just west of Fort Stockton, working for Auto Zone and then working for Halliburton in Odessa.

“I didn’t like living in Odessa,” he said.  “I much prefer a smaller town.  When I left Halliburton, I was ready for a career change, but I wasn’t sure what it would be.  All I knew is that I wanted a career that was stable and where I could make a difference.”

In August 2019, two incidences occurred in West Texas that convinced Tamez he should pursue a career in law enforcement—the mass shooting in El Paso and the mass shooting in Odessa.

“I remember thinking that those shootings were very close to home,” Tamez explained.  “What if something like that happened in Fort Stockton.  I want to be able to protect the people I love from harm and help make our community a safer place.”

He said that he was also encouraged to pursue a career in law enforcement by people in his church, his parents, sister and other members of his family, as well as a friend who was a marine.  The only resistance he had was from his wife who was concerned about the dangers police face and the growing negative feelings toward police.  However, she eventually relented when she saw how passionate Tamez was about realizing this career goal.

“Thankfully in Fort Stockton, people are very respectful toward the police force,” Tamez said. “People who don’t even know me will thank me for serving our community.  That really makes me feel important and motivates me.

“During the police academy training, we not only learned essential law enforcement skills, but also learned how to deal with people and talk to people.  I think that was probably one of the most essential training tools I received.  Good communication skills are extremely important for police officers.”

Tamez said that one of the things he likes most about his job is the variety in routine.  

“You never know what the next shift will bring,” he said.  “I would definitely recommend going through the police academy to young people and to those like me who want to change careers.

“I love my hometown, and I love being a member of the Fort Stockton Police Department!”

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