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MC grad finds fulfillment in residential HVAC careerJune 17, 2020

The image to use for this article. Listing image managed through RSS tab. Levi Garcia

“I was always chasing the next dream . . . the next dollar,” Levi Garcia explained.  “I wanted something more stable in my life.”

After completing an Associate of Applied Science degree in Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology and landing a job with The Bosworth Company, Garcia said that he has now found that stability. 

Born and raised in Midland, Garcia attended both Lee High School and Midland High School before finally obtaining his diploma as a homeschool student.  In 2008, he attended Midland College (MC) taking core courses and working part-time in the college’s Financial Aid department.  It was during this time that his mother passed away from cancer.

“My first impression of Levi was that he was a good kid,” MC Financial Aid Director Yolanda Ramos said.  “He was a hard worker and determined.  He also was genuinely kind.   Levi wanted to make his mom proud; he was struggling with her loss.”

In addition to losing his mother, life threw Levi him some other tough curveballs.

“When my daughter Scarlet was just 18 months old, her mom and I separated,” Garcia said.  “Scarlet is the most important thing in my life.  I knew I had to take care of her.  For several years, I transferred from job to job.  I’ve worked as an electrician, a jailer and even at Resthaven Cemetery.  However, I never knew where I fit in.”

In 2017 Garcia took a self-inventory:  “I knew I was good at two things. I’m a hard worker, and I’m a good dad.”

A friend told Garcia that The Bosworth Company was hiring, so Garcia applied.

“I figured they would hire me to do electrical work because I had some experience in that field,” he said.  “Instead, Bosworth had me start in residential HVAC.  I really liked it and found I had a knack for it.  I wanted to improve my skills, so my boss suggested that I take some classes at Midland College.”

Garcia met with Lyndolyn Pervier, director of the MC Workforce Continuing Education department, to inquire about the college’s HVAC certificate.  Pervier helped him obtain two MC donor-designated scholarships—the Applied Technology and Hodge Continuing Education scholarships. After completing one semester of non-credit courses, he transitioned into MC’s HVAC Associate of Applied Technology degree program and took courses from lead instructor Jaroy Roberts.

“Jaroy went above and beyond,” Garcia said.  “He helped me stay focused.  In fact, I can’t say enough good things about everyone at Midland College.  I am so blessed to have met some of the best people I have ever known at the college.”

Thanks to The Bosworth Company’s tuition reimbursement policy and Midland College donor-directed scholarships, Garcia was able to secure funding for his classes.  Last month, he obtained his degree.

“The investment and training has paid off!” Pervier exclaimed.  “This past January, my daughter was having HVAC issues at her home. She called Bosworth, and they sent a service tech.  I just happened to go to my daughter’s home that evening, and that’s when I saw Levi coming around the corner.  Thanks to Levi, my daughter and granddaughter had heat on a cold night in January!”

“I’ve been working for Bosworth for three years now,” Garcia said.  “They are a great company and provide the stability I’ve been needing in my life.  They also allow me flexibility with my schedule so that I can take care of my daughter.

“Residential HVAC is a perfect fit for me.  I really enjoy visiting with the customers, especially the older ones.  They have so much about life and history to tell.  I like hearing their stories, even if it means I’m a little slower getting finished with calls than some of the other techs.”

Frank Bell has been a Bosworth customer for many years

“Last spring, Bosworth sent Levi to my home for a routine air conditioner check,” Bell said.  “I was immediately impressed with his professionalism, courtesy and technical knowledge.  Now, when I call Bosworth, I always specifically ask for Levi.”

“I feel truly blessed,” Garcia said.  “It was all possible because of a God who loved me enough to help me through it all.  Now have a job that I can call a career.”

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