Phlebotomist continues to realize her career dreams

Phlebotomist continues to realize her career dreamsJanuary 04, 2022

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Rachel Gutierrez has wanted a career in the healthcare industry for many years.

“I dropped out of high school and didn’t even get my high school equivalency diploma until I was 38,” Gutierrez explained.  “That was after having three children and suffering domestic abuse.”

Gutierrez was born in Mineral Wells, TX and moved to Midland at the age of 9 when her parents divorced.  She attended Midland public schools.  When she dropped out of high school, she married into a turbulent relationship.  Before divorcing her husband, she lived at Safe Place in Midland, and then thought it was best to move away from Midland in order to escape her ex-husband.  She ended up in the Tampa Bay, FL area.  

“I mainly worked at fast food places, but I knew I was capable of doing more,” she said.  “So, I made the leap to go back to school to earn a high school diploma and also take classes in a healthcare field.”

When Gutierrez received her high school equivalency diploma, she also completed Everest University-South Orlando’s medical assistant program.  From there, she worked as a medical assistant for a short time until she moved back to Midland to care for her mother who was ill.

“When my mother passed away seven years ago, I had a difficult time finding a job as a medical assistant in Midland,’ Gutierrez stated.  “Most entry-level healthcare jobs require a certification, like nurse aide, phlebotomist and pharmacy technician.  So, I went back to the fast food industry and worked at Whataburger during the evening shift.  My dream was still to be a member of the healthcare profession, but I just couldn’t make it happen.”

Gutierrez finally obtained employment with E Z Rider public transit in Midland and started taking courses toward a Commercial Drivers License.  Then she lost her job due to the COVID pandemic.  

“I was pretty devastated and didn’t want to have to go back to working in fast food,” she said.  “Thankfully, I found out about training opportunities for entry-level medical careers at the Midland College Advanced Technology Center.  I’ve completed Certified Nurse Aide, Phlebotomy and Pharmacy Technician classes.  Next fall I hope to begin taking prerequisite courses for admission into the Vocational Nursing program.”

Her training at Midland College has been funded partially by the Dollie Ruth Neal Scholarship, a grant given to the college by the Permian Basin Area Foundation and awarded to single mothers who are seeking entry-level health careers.  When she begins taking Vocational Nursing courses at the main Midland College campus, she will be able to take advantage of various donor-directed scholarships specifically awarded to students studying healthcare professions.

Gutierrez currently works as a phlebotomist at Midland Memorial Hospital.  She works 3:00-11:00 p.m. five days a week.  For some people that shift may not seem ideal, but compared to working all night at Whataburger, Gutierrez said it’s a “wonderful” schedule.

“I really like working in the medical environment,” she stated.  “It’s steady employment, and I enjoy caring for people.  I hope to one day have direct responsibility for patient care when I become a nurse.

“I’m 49 years old, and I’m finally able to realize my dream of working in healthcare.  I’ve learned that age doesn’t matter.  There’s always something to be accomplished.  When I was living at Safe Place after being abused by my husband, I remember a speaker who gave a presentation to us.  He said, ‘Never quit—never let your dreams sleep.’  I will also remember those words and have taken them as my personal motto.”

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