Midland College’s College Classics helps those 50+ stay engaged and learning

Midland College’s College Classics helps those 50+ stay engaged and learningJanuary 19, 2022

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The College Classics program at Midland College (MC) consists of low-cost, non-credit, non-graded, no-homework classes designed to broaden knowledge in various areas of interest for those Midlanders who are ages 50 and over. For just $25 these students can register for unlimited classes! 2022 is the 33rd year of the College Classics program. 

Going back to school with College Classics is good for these students! The brain is like a muscle--the more you use it, the more it stays fit. Several studies show seniors who stay intellectually engaged may avoid the debilitating effects of dementia.

The media is welcome to cover stories with viewers 50 years young exploring the following topics:

Constitution and the Supreme Court (Zoom session begins February 24; In-Person session begins March 28)
The class will discuss current cases pending before the Court and their historical precedent. Class members suggest topics.  

Clogging (Begins Jan. 24)
A healthy low impact aerobic, tap-like workout combined with beginning/intermediate clogging routines. 

Speaking West Texas: Exploring American Dialects (Begins Jan. 26)
A fascinating look at the cultural influences that help to mold what we say and how we say it. Those enrolled will gain new insight, knowledge, and appreciation of the vocabulary and pronunciation that help define who we are by the language we use. 

Victorian Britain: Culture and Customs (Begins March 30)
Can’t get enough when Bridgerton premiers on Netflix March 25? This course will examine the history of Victorian Britain while focusing specifically on the culture of class and respectability. 

Walk, Jog, Run (Begins March 30) 
We will learn about exercise and do some outdoor walking, jogging, and/or running (your choice!) in a supportive environment around MC’s main campus. Each class session will include physical activity at levels chosen by the students, so please dress for that.

Media and Society (Begins Feb. 22)
This class will provide a summary of Midland College’s for-credit Introduction to Mass Communication course. We’ll cover several interesting topics, such as history and theory, print media (books, magazines, etc.), news media, music, movies, and social media. 

Beginning English Paper Pieced Quilting (Begins Jan 27) 
Using a traditional English Paper Pieced Grandmother’s Flower Garden block made with 1-inch paper hexagons. Participants will finish a pin cushion or a mug rug. 

Germans into Texas (Begins Feb. 24) 
This course will provide an overview of German immigration into Texas, pre-Revolution (1836) to present.

Lords of the South Plains: A History for the Comanche (Begins March 29) 
Rising to power in the American Southwest during the 18th and 19th centuries, the Comanche were one of the few Native societies that posed a challenge to the Euro-American conquest of North America. This course will highlight the politics, culture, and leaders of Comanchería as well as its conflicts with Spain, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, and United States through the end of the 19th century.  

Sparta Vs. Athens (Begins Jan  25) 
The war of the city-states – Peloponnesian Wars - An in-depth look at Spartan oligarch society versus Athenian democracy – Who they were and why they went to war.  The Delian League (Athens) vs The Peloponnesian League (Sparta).  

Political Geography (Begins Jan 24)
Students choose the countries that they would like to study and learn about the culture, history, geography and politics. Located at Manor Park.

Each class meets for one-two hours per week. These courses are offered on the MC main campus, Zoom and one offering is held at The Village at Manor Park. Courses are taught by MC professors, staff and community members who volunteer their time. 

Visit the Midland College website to register. 

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