Full-time student, full-time employee, full-time mom: Tashara Traylor defines persistence

Full-time student, full-time employee, full-time mom: Tashara Traylor defines persistenceDecember 07, 2021

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“My daughter, Nailah Jae, used to cry and whine, ‘Mommy, play with me!’ when I was trying to do homework,” Midland College (MC) student Tashara Traylor recalled. “I would explain that I had to do schoolwork; sometimes she would sit with me and pretend to write or type on her little computer. Now, we have a new system.  I come home and spend some time with her. Once I get her situated and off playing with her toys, I can do a little homework. Then I will put her to bed. I have to stay up late to finish everything, but it is all worth it.”

Traylor has limitless energy and endurance. She graduated from MC with her Associate of Science. She is continuing her education at MC working toward a Bachelor’s of Applied Technology degree. 

“MC offers courses that fit students’ needs,” Traylor said. “Faculty and staff understand students have life going on around them. There are so many resources in place, so many friendly people to help you if you have questions. MC professors are accessible. The whole campus is available to you. That kind of help and support make going to school easier.”

Traylor is a first-generation college graduate. She wants everyone to know they can do anything they set their hearts and minds to do. 

“I want to set an example for my family, especially my daughter,” Traylor said. “I could have easily said, ‘Forget school, it is not for me,’ but I wanted to set a different narrative, different storyline. My daughter is the reason I am still going. The day I went back to work after my maternity leave was the same day I went back to school. I do not let myself have excuses anymore. I just keep my faith in God and push myself to do better.”

Traylor’s road was not always easy. Before she had her daughter, she first enrolled at MC in 2010. She thought she wanted to go to nursing school.

“I started losing focus and failed most of my courses,” Traylor admitted. “I ended up buckling down and completing my perquisites for the nursing program but got discouraged because I would have to quit work to focus on the program, and I was supporting myself. So regrettably, I decided to give up.”

In 2014 Traylor began working at a bank and really enjoyed it. But in 2015-2016 she faced difficult times. 

“I went through some very tough situations that left me feeling betrayed, lost and alone,” Traylor said. “By the grace of God, I overcame all of the storms and found happiness and peace. In 2018, I welcomed my baby girl, who has become the major inspiration and drive in my life. I do not have it easy, but I am not going to let the circumstances of my past have an effect on my future goals and dreams. My life is not perfect, but I am happy. With my family and MC’s help, I am striving to make it better every day!”

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