Norman Cremeans

Norman  CremeansProfessor, Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology, Advanced Technology Center (ATC)

Norman Cremeans discovered his interest in physics from his high school physics teacher, and later from his wife and daughter. He believes that “the classroom should be dynamic, alive, and breathing; changing with the ebb and flow of the tide of students to attain high retention levels.” He includes the world around us and how it applies to what his students are studying.

He is happiest reading Michio Kaku books and learning anything physics, theoretical physics, or astrophysics related. He is a martial artist with background in Shaolin Kung-Fu and Japanese Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. He is also a beginning guitar player. He supports St. Jude’s Hospital. Orlando’s Walt Disney World and Universal Studios are two of his favorite places to visit. #1 on his bucket list is to live in the countryside areas of France or Spain.

Instructor Vitae (pdf)

Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology, Advanced Technology Center (ATC)
Advanced Technology Center, Room 206A
(432) 685-6342

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