Teaching Excellence Awards


Dr. Stan Jacobs Teaching Excellence Award 2024


2024 Winners

Terry Gilmour, Ph.D & Erick gutierrez

2023 TEA winners


Terry Gilmour

Government/political science

Terry Gilmour TEA winner 2024


Erick gutierrez

Associate Professor
automation, technology, diesel 

Erick Gutierrez 2024 winner





Debbie Mcneely, Ph.D

Associate Professor, Psychology

Debbie McNeely, 2023 TEA finalist - portrait

Brooke Foutch

Department Chair, instructor nursing

Sheena Thompson, 2023 TEA finalist - portrait

joseph schenkman

associate professor, biology

Brandi Havner, 2023 TEA finalist - portrait

anita shellenberger

Professor, office systems Technology

Erick Gutierrez, 2023 TEA finalist - portrait

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