Coronavirus Updates


Students, employees and visitors should be aware of the dangers of the COVID virus and take precautions to mitigate its spread.

All students and employees are encouraged to get the COVID vaccine and follow-up booster vaccines. Research has shown that people who have received immunizations for COVID may become infected with the virus; however, the symptoms are usually mild. Symptoms for vaccinated people tend to be similar to the common cold, such as cough, fever and headache.

Those who are NOT VACCINATED and become infected with COVID typically have MORE SEVERE symptoms that may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle pain or body aches, breathing problems and extreme fatigue.

Anyone who is feeling ill with COVID symptoms, whether mild or severe, or suspects they may have been exposed to COVID should avoid being around other people and have a COVID lab test. For more information about symptoms, visit the Centers for Disease Control website.

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