Midland College Vehicle Parking Permits

Students must come to the Midland College Police Department (MCPD), in Room 136, Scharbauer Student Center, to obtain a parking permit. You must have a permit to park on campus. The first permit is included in your tuition, and any additional permit is $1.00. You must pay your $1.00 to the Cashier's Office, then show your receipt at MCPD to receive another permit.

If you get a new vehicle, you should remove your permit from your MC-registered vehicle, and place it on the windshield of the new vehicle. You may then come by the MCPD office and update your vehicle information (or, you can do so online: see below).

Parking Permits No Longer Expire - If you currently have a registered vehicle with MC, and have an old permit displayed on your vehicle, they are still valid, and you will not receive a ticket for an expired permit.

You are responsible for displaying a Midland College parking permit when your vehicle is on campus. Any failure to take care of parking violation notices will result in a hold being placed on your registration and transcript. Multiple violations may result in a loss of your privilege to operate a vehicle on Midland College property.

Students and Visitors parking are designated in WHITE stripes, and
Employee parking is designated in YELLOW stripes.


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Room 136, Scharbauer Student Center
MC Main Campus, 3600 North Garfield 
Midland, TX 79705

Phone: 432-685-4734 or 432-686-4911
Fax: 432-685-6836