Cogdell Learning Center

Cogdell Learning Center

Temporarily Closed to the Public

Due to crucial network upgrades in the building, Cogdell will be closed through the end of June 2023. During this time, staff will office at the main campus and are available via phone and email.

The Cogdell Learning Center is an off-campus outreach site located on the south side of Midland. The Cogdell Learning Center exists because of the generosity of Bill Pace Cogdell, a local businessman who passed away in 1997. We can help you get started at Midland College!


201 W. Florida Avenue 
Midland, TX 79701



Cogdell Main Number
(432) 684-4100



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Programs & Services

Staff Services

The Cogdell Learning Center has staff that can help you apply for Midland College, federal financial aid, or the most generous scholarship at Midland College. We also host events in our building and can help your book our facility for community events.

Call (432) 684-4100 for more information about these services, or to schedule an appointment.

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Apply Texas & FAFSA Assistance

The Cogdell Learning Center provides individualized assistance in completing Apply Texas and the FAFSA. Apply Texas is the application submitted to attend Midland College. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is an application submitted to receive federal financial aid. At Midland College, it must be completed to receive any type of financial aid (federal or private).

Call (432) 684-4100 to book an appointment.

Booking Cogdell Facilities

The Cogdell Learning Center’s facilities can be booked for use by the community. A variety of entities have used our rooms, lobbies, and outdoor areas. Our facilities can be used for free or at a charge, depending on the purpose of the booking.

To begin the booking process, complete the Cogdell Facilities Booking Request online form.

Cogdell Facilities Booking Request

Bill Pace Cogdell Scholarship

The Bill Pace Cogdell Scholarship (BPCS) pays for in-state tuition, fees, and books for students at Midland College during the fall and spring semesters.

This scholarship continues as long as the student is enrolled and meets scholarship guidelines. If the student transfers to the University of Texas of the Permian Basin (UTPB) immediately after attending Midland College, he/she will be eligible to continue receiving the BPCS.

Bill Pace Cogdell Scholarship Page

IME Becas Scholarship

IME Becas Scholarship, a $1,000 scholarship, is designed to provide financial assistance to students currently enrolled at Midland College during the Fall semester. The IME scholarship can be used to pay tuition, books and fees.

Its mission is to improve access opportunities for Mexicans and individuals of Mexican origin in all educational levels through adult education and higher education programs in the United States of America. The Selection Committee will select recipients based on educational achievement, leadership qualities, a written essay and a strong need for the financial assistance.

The Adult Education & Literacy division provides English as Second Language (ESL), citizenship, GED in español and other classes at Cogdell. Most classes occur Monday through Thursday in the fall and spring. Limited class offerings occur in the summer. The most popular classes are ESL. There are various levels of ESL classes. ESL students are placed into class levels based on their English language abilities. Students must pre-register and there is limited space for classes, so it is recommended you enroll early.

Call (432) 684-5323 for more information.

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Adult Education & Literacy

The Business & Economic Development Center (BEDC) provides FREE business, credit, and housing counseling, and related classes and workshops. Our mission is to help people increase credit scores, purchase homes, and start or expand businesses.

Call (432) 684-4309 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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Business and Economic Development Center

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