MC University Center • Access ASU Program • Obligations for Partners in the Access ASU Program


Midland College agrees to provide participants with:


 1. Access to Angelo State University admission staff on the Midland College campus each semester at designated times.

 2. A transfer preview visit to the Angelo State University campus.

 3. An official transcript and any other required documentation each semester to Angelo State University.

 4. Upon completion of the required course work at MC and transfer hours from Angelo State University, the appropriate associate degree will be conferred retroactively.

 5. A link on the Midland College website to the Angelo State University website 

 6. Access to the Midland College/Angelo State University Access ASU counselors for current information on transfer requirements.

 7. Coordination between the Director of Financial Aid at ASU and the Director of Financial Aid at Midland College to ensure that all paperwork and processing will be completed for a seamless transfer of financial aid profile.


Students in the Access ASU Program agree to:


 1. Satisfactorily complete their freshman and sophomore years or a minimum of 30 semester hours at Midland College.

 2. Attend the ASU visits to Midland College and/or the Midland College transfer preview visits to the Angelo State University campus each semester.

 3. Maintain a minimum of a 2.25 GPA while in the program.

 4. Agree to allow Midland College and Angelo State University to share academic and financial aid records or information each semester.

 5. Agree to work out a Midland College degree plan with their faculty advisor during the first semester in the program.

 6. Provide all required official transcripts, including high school and all institutions of higher education previously attended or from their high school.


Angelo State University agrees to provide participants with:


 1. An approved degree plan and description of degree requirements for the student’s major upon meeting with an Angelo State University academic advisor.

 2. Special admission coordination to ASU for the students who successfully complete the ASU Access Program.

 3. Access to the Angelo State University website for degree planning.

 4. A seamless transfer of students to ASU by ensuring that Midland College course evaluations are current and readily available to students.

 5. A process whereby transcript information from ASU will be reported back to Midland College to allow for the retroactive awarding of an associate degree**. Students who complete an associate degree may be eligible to receive the Texas Grant.

 6. Supply award package to all students based on eligibility upon completion of the Angelo State University financial aid process.