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EDUC 1100:  Effective Learning

studentsAt Midland College, your success is our success! MC's Effective Learning course has been designed to help Midland College students be successful in college and throughout life. The course is a learning frameworks course that is designed to help students do the following:

  • Assess long-term personal and career goals, educational plans and personal learning styles
  • Use college-related vocabulary
  • Apply effective study skills to all college courses
  • Use library resources and computer-based tools effectively
  • Develop behavior management techniques that build constructive habits
  • Apply critical thinking skills for effective analysis and evaluation of projects, issues and related material

Here's what former students said about the class:

"I felt like college wasn't for me. Not because I wasn't capable of completing the assignments, but because when it came to prioritizing my time, I got fed up and wanted to quit. Slowly I began realizing that Effective Learning was the foundation that was keeping me mentally and emotionally capable of completing school. I learned how to put myself on a strict schedule, and the results from that outcome were less less stress and more free time. I no longer have to worry about quitting school because this class offered a system that works!"
--M. Melancon

"I went from making just minimal or failing grades to passing my tests with A's. If you really want to have the career you need or want in your future, but don't know how to study or take notes, this is the class that can help."
--C. Geisendorff

Who is required to take EDUC 1100?

First-time, full-time college students defined as students with less than 12 hours who are TSI complete in Reading and MATH 0370 will be enrolled in EDCU 1100. (Dual credit hours do not count as "college hours.") 

Who is exempt from EDUC 1100?

  • Students who already possess an associate or higher degree
  • Students who are only enrolled in online courses
  • Students seeking Level I career/technical certificates (See list of MC Level I certificates)
  • Students who are enrolled full-time at another college or university
  • Students taking classes for personal interest
  • Students who took a learning frameworks course at another institution and are transferring to Midland College

If you believe you may qualify for an exemption, please complete and submit the exemption form (online form). Be sure to state the reason you are exempt in the "details" field at the bottom of the screen. The MC student success director or an advisor will review your student records and contact you about your exemption status.

Questions/Concerns:  Email or call (432) 685-6885