Midland College prepares students for transfer to any engineering program across the state of Texas and the United States.  Pre-engineering courses offered at Midland College include Calculus I (MATH 2413), Calculus II (MATH 2414), Calculus III (MATH 2415), and Differential Equations (MATH 2420) along with University Physics I (PHYS 2425) and University Physics II (PHYS 2426).  In addition to providing students with a strong mathematics and physics background, Introduction to Engineering (ENGR 1201), Statics (ENGR 2301), and Dynamics (ENGR 2302) provide students with experience and knowledge in first-level engineering courses that transfer to any university within the state of Texas.

Coursework is only the beginning to the pre-engineering experience at Midland College!  Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the Midland College Engineering Club.  As club members, students benefit from invited speakers who share their experiences in the field of engineering, participate in study groups for mathematics, physics, and engineering, build projects for campus events such as Science Extravaganza and SeeMC, in addition to learning details about the different fields of engineering.

For more information about the Pre-Engineering program, please visit and "Like" the Midland College Engineering Club Facebook page.