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The Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement program at Midland College is designed to prepare students for the complex responsibilities of policing a community. It is intended to give the students knowledge of the criminal justice system in general, legal issues, human nature, social problems, and attitudes that differ from their own.

With a choice of two degree options, students can elect to prepare themselves for two career options:

  • to continue on with their education and earn a baccalaureate degree in criminal justice, law enforcement, or a related area from a university (the AS degree option); or

  • to prepare themselves for immediate employment in the criminal justice field and success in the police academy (the AAS degree option).

Students completing the AAS degree option also qualify for admission to the Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT) program at Midland College.

For additional information about the Midland College Criminal Justice program, please go to the appropriate page in the current Midland College catalog.

 crij footerFor more information please contact:
Robert Peetz, M.C.J.
Professor of Criminal Justice / Law Enforcement Program Coordinator
Midland College
(432) 685-4685