Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement • Semester Plans

For the specific requirements for both degrees (AS - Criminal Justice and AAS - Law Enforcement) and for the Law Enforcement Certificate offered at Midland College, please click on the "Degree Plans" link on the menu to the left of this page. Once there, clilck on the link for the appropriate degree option. Those suggested plans of study are intended for students who meet the following criteria:

(1) they are full-time students at Midland College;

(2) they are not intending to take courses during the Summer Semesters;

(3) they are not working more than 20 hours per week;

(4) they do not have significant responsibilities away from their studies, such as dependent children; and

(5) they are not enrolled in any remedial or development courses.

Students who are not attending full-time, or have any of the above conflicts or issues, are encouraged to contact the program faculty and develop a program of study tailored to meet their specific circumstances and needs.

Depending on the individual student's needs, interests, and career goals, specialized degree plans and course substitutions may be made. Students are cautioned not to attempt substituting courses without prior approval from the faculty, with the approval of the dean. Unapproved substitutions cannot be used to satisfy graduation requirements for degrees at Midland College. 

 crij footerFor more information please contact:
Brian Kneisley
Professor of Criminal Justice / Law Enforcement Program Coordinator
Midland College
(432) 685-4685