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Noyce Scholars Program
A Program for Students Pursuing Careers as STEM Teachers

noyceThis is a collaboration between Midland College and Texas Tech University. The Noyce Scholars program is primarily designed for undergraduate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) students who are interested in making an impact through teaching. The program is divided into two tracks: Pre-Noyce Summer Fellows and Noyce Scholars. More on this program at

For more information about this grant, please contact:
Margaret Wade, EdD
(432) 685-4615

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This program is suggested for students who wish to major in Physics and transfer to a four-year college.

The Physics Department teaches courses which can be generally described as "service" courses.  The courses are required by or supportive of many disciplines that want students to learn some of the subject matter of physics and the problem solving approach of physics.  These classes demand effort and determination on the part of students.  But the rewards are significant.  A successful physics student will have a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at having been challenged academically and of having met the challenge.  The Midland College Physics Department wants to create a dynamic environment to help students achieve their maximum academic potential.


Dr. Tom O'Hara

AHSF Room 110
Phone: 432-685-4617

Dr. Tom O'Hara
has a long career at Midland College of trying to motivate students to challenge themselves to succeed academically.  In his physics classes, he wants students to earn their success and build their self-image by work and determination.

When he's not teaching, there are a few other things to do.  His delightful (?) wife Venus (a nurse) is helping him raise their grandson Isaac who lives with them most of the time and is a pleasure to have around.  Venus likes horses which Tom does not.  Therefore, they own a couple of horses and live in the country.  What Tom does like is building a model railroad, constructing furniture, playing guitar and piano, and fixing whatever breaks down.