Information Technology • FAQs

Are there local jobs available in the IT area?

Yes, there are jobs in the information technology area, according to Texas Department of Labor Statistics IT jobs are expected to continue to grow even more over the next few years.  Talk to your instructor to get information about the types of jobs in your area of interest.  We are also in contact with many employers locally so are aware of possible internships and employment opportunities. 


What is the difference between a certificate and a degree?

A certificate is designed to be completed in between 1 and 3 semesters.  The courses in the certificates are focused on a skill set and so there are fewer classes required.  If you currently have a degree or job and are interested in additional training, a certificate is probably where you should start.  A degree will include the same courses as the certificate but will also include the "college basic courses" like English and Math.  The degree is focused on an overall education, not just a skill set.  


Will the classes I take at Midland College transfer?

Some of the classes will transfer, some will not.  If you are planning to transfer or to continue your education after leaving Midland College talk to one of your instructors or the Dean of Applied Technology for more information.


Will I be able to enroll in the Bachelor of Applied Technology program at Midland College if I complete an Associate of Applied Science degree in Information Technology?

Yes!  All the degrees in Information Technology will prepare you for the program.  Talk to one of your instructors or the Dean of Applied Technology for more information.


If you have additional questions please contact your instructor.

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