Academics • Scholastic Dishonesty and Academic Misconduct • Collusion



Collusion is defined as the unauthorized collaboration with another person in preparing written work offered for credit or collaboration with another person to commit a violation of any section of these rules on scholastic dishonesty. A student commits collusion if he/she:

   a. Allows someone else to edit papers or correct assignments without the instructor’s knowledge or permission. It is scholastically dishonest for students to employ tutors to correct, edit or modify papers or assignments in any substantive fashion. The same reservations and restrictions apply, within reason, to any outside assistance a student may receive from a parent, friend, roommate, or academic tutor. Any changes, deletions, rearrangements, additions, or corrections made in papers or assignments should represent the student’s own work. (Midland College provides many tutorial services. Tutors in these college facilities offer advice without editing or completing the required work.)

   b. Reveals test information to another student enrolled in the same course.