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The "Web" is full of information, much of this information is accurate and pertinent to your research. On the other hand, much of the information found on the Web is bogus, inaccurate, outdated, and irrelevant to your needs. It would take you hours to sift, scan, and evaluate websites in order to find the few relevant ones that give objective, pertinent, accurate, and timely information relevant to college work.  

Sites listed on the Knowledge Portal and in Fast Links to the the World Wide Web have been pre-selected for college work and evaluated according to established guidelines. Review these guidelines to help you do your own evaluations in the future.

Evaluation guidelines are listed in:


The Links listed on Knowledge Portal and on LRC Links are a good place to begin Internet research.
Keep in mind that new Websites are being added all the time as older/outdated ones are being removed. Check these links often to see what's new.


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