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Has hundreds of reference books covering every major subject, from art to medicine, psychology to history and technology to literature.


The Credo General Reference collection features: over 3 million entries; 200,000 audio pronunciation files, 60,000+ art, science, and medical images; and 90,000 atlas images of places and geographic features throughout the world.

The content originates from some of the world's best and most respected reference publishers to ensure accuracy and reliability. Millions of cross-reference links enhance the content.


Furthermore, Credo Reference's "Continue Searching in:" option allows you to seamlessly continue your search in additional sources, such as Academic Search Complete (Ebsco);  eLibrary and others.


For a quick introduction, click on this link and print
Credo Reference Search tips.

When you have more time and need to use Credo Reference more extensively consult:

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Credo Reference has some excellent Training Materials, Video Tutorials, and User Guides on its own website.
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