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Your College Success

Providing students at Midland College with a 'one-stop shop' when they receive an early alert report from their instructor.  

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Free Lab/Tutorial Resources

Midland College has free resources to help you in classes.  Check with your instructors, visit the Language Hub for reading/writing help, and stop into the Math Lab if you need mathematics help.

          CLICK HERE for a guide to lab/tutoring resources available at MC

M Power - Effective Learning and Prep Classes

Midland College offers two courses designed to introduce specific strategies that will assist students in:  preparing for college classes, determining educational goals, and identifying personal strengths in learning and career areas.  For more information on these courses and to make sure you are enrolled in one of them, see an advisor in Scharbauer Student Center, or contact Lynda Webb at  (432) 685-6884 or lwebb@midland.edu.

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Your College Resources
On the left is a list of the resources Midland College has to help you find YOUR SUCCESS!  To find out which links may be most useful to you right now, look below and check out the brief explanation, find the link that is right for you and then click it! 

Code Orange EARLY ALERT...

If you are here because of an Early Alert Notice, please check out the orange headings below for help in the area of concern listed on your Early Alert Notice.

 At any time, click "ASK MC" and send in a question. 

We are glad to help you.

(Attendance Issues, Lack of Effort/Engagement, Lack of Participation, Late Assignments, Poor Test Scores, Sleeping in Class, Non-Academic Issues) 

Provides students with advisor contact information.  In addition to assistance with educational advising, advisors also provide crisis intervention and referral.  Online Study Skill Workshops found here.

BOOK LOAN PROGRAM (click here)
(No Materials) 

See Student Resource Services under the Career Center tab to the left.

BOOKSTORE (click here)
(No Materials) 

Bookstore can help with purchasing books, computers, other classroom materials like access codes.

CAMPUS POLICE (click here)
(Non-Academic Areas)
Campus Police provides a variety of services with the goal of keeping the campus, its students, employees, and visitors safe.

Instructions on determining your username and password to log in, online instructor contact information. 

Provides Dates, Degree Plans, Payment Information, Rules and Regulations of the College.
CAREER CENTER (click here)
(Lack of Effort/Engagement, Lack of  Participation, No Materials, Poor Test Scores, Work Incomplete/Inadequate, Non-Academic Issues, Financial Difficulties)
Find out if the career/classes you have chosen are truly an area of interest (if your classes aren't going well, it could be that you really aren't interested in what you are studying or haven't defined a specific educational goal.) In addition, the Career Center can find job search assistance and they provide an amazing amount of  referrals for many non-academic issues such as childcare, transportation, financial difficulties, etc... 

(Lack of Effort/Engagement, Lack of Participation, Late Assignments, Poor Test Scores, Sleeping in Class, Work Incomplete/Inadequate)
This office can provide all kinds of accommodations for students that qualify.
EZ RIDER (click here)
Check out the Permian Basin's Public Transit, schedules, discounts, cost.
LIBRARY (FASKEN LRC) (click here)
(Computer Access Issues, No Materials, Work Incomplete/Inadequate)
Online tutorials on how to use library resources to improve your work.  Free Student Computer Lab located on the second floor.
Any form from address change to vehicle registration, to course withdrawal, to application, to graduate and much much more can be found here.
(Financial Difficulties)
Midland College has a variety of payment options, including a payment plan.
(Financial Difficulties)
Midland College has a variety of scholarships and financial aid to help with financing your education.
STUDENT E-MAIL (click here)
Even though Midland College, recommends that you have a personal e-mail, as well as, the college e-mail, DON'T FORGET to check your MC e-mail.  Most instructors use this e-mail to communicate with you.  On this page, you will find directions for logging in and other help.
STUDENT JOBS (click here)
(Financial Difficulties)
List of available jobs both as a college work study, as well as, within the community are available here.  Also available are job hunting services like resume review, interview preparation, etc....
Studies show that students who chose to get involved with the campus outside of the classroom have greater success.  Check out how YOU can get involved in Your College. Midland College also provides on-campus housing for both single students and students with a family.
TESTING CENTER (click here)
Information on taking a placement test or retest on the THEA or COMPASS.
If you are a veteran, please check us out on this page.  We have a Veteran Coordinator that is happy to assist you.
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