Student Services FAQ's

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Enrollment Services (Admissions) | (432) 685-4501

1. What are my ID Number and PIN Number?

     If new application, please allow 3-5 working days to process from date submitted. ID and PIN will be emailed to email address on application. If forgotten or lost, ID and PIN request link is located under the Campus Connect login. 

2. What is the ID card for and how does it work?

     The student will need the Chap card for student discounts, campus activities, and to receive all refunds due from Midland College. You can get this card from the Enrollment Services office. To get the Chap card the student must be currently enrolled in classes and they must show their driver’s license, a government issued photo ID, or passport. Anyone under the age of 18 requires a parent signature.

     • What if I don’t want to use my ID card as a debit card OR I don’t want the ID card at all?
       The student can log on to Campus Connect and designate a bank account. This will automatically deposit any money from MC to that bank account.

     • I lost my card?
       Contact Herring Bank at 1-866-348-3435 to deactivate lost card. Pay the cashier $25.00 and present receipt at Enrollment Services to obtain a new card.

     • I forgot my Chap card PIN, my card is not working, or other Chap card related issues?
       Contact Herring Bank at 1-866-348-3435

3. How do I get my MC email address?

It will take 2-3 business days for your email account to be created AFTER the first time you register for class at Midland College.

     • What is my MC e-mail login?
     New MC students enrolled AFTER Fall 2011:
     Username: First letter of first name + first three letters of last name + last three numbers of your MC Student ID.
     Password: Midland College Student ID (no dashes)
     Example: John Doe, student ID number 123-004567
     Email Address:
     Password: 123004567
     MC students enrolled BEFORE Winter Interim 2011:
     Username: First letter of first name + first three letters of last name + last three numbers of your Social Security Number.
     Password: Social Security Number (no dashes)
     Example: John Doe, SSN 123-45-6789
     Email Address:
     Password: 123456789

     * Your login ID is ONLY seven characters. Do not add as part of login ID, UNLESS accessing email directly from the GMAIL web page or app, then you need to add the to your login ID
     * NOTE: HITECH and VCT students DO NOT have a Midland College email account.
     * If you do not know your student ID please go to Campus Connect and select the “Forgot Student ID” link.

     • My MC email login isn’t working?
       Please Contact the Midland College Help Desk at: 432-685-4788, or

4. What is my Canvas login?

IMPORTANT: MC Students enrolled BEFORE Winter Interim 2011; your email address follows the old format.

     Username: MC Students: Midland College email address (example:
     VCT Students: Email address that you provided at the time of registration.
     Password: MC Students: Midland College Student ID Number - no dashes (example: 123006789).
     VCT Students: Student ID of record with VCT (The Virtual College of Texas).

     • My Canvas login isn’t working?
If you experience technical difficulties with Canvas, please click on the Help link on the Canvas login page, or from any page within Canvas after you have logged in.  

5. How do I log into Campus Connect?

     Student ID and your PIN is a 4-digit number you selected at time of your application. 

6. How do I change my major?

     Students can change their major by visiting with their advisor. 

7. What is an FICE Code?

     A 6-digit identification code created to identify schools doing business with the Office of Education. 

8. How do I find my instructor’s contact information?

     Access the Midland College directory through the MC Website. 

9. Do I need a Meningitis shot to go to Midland College?

     If you are planning to take classes physically on the Midland College campus we will need proof that you have received the meningitis vaccination within the last 5 years. or a letter from the doctor stating the shot is detrimental to your health, or a form requesting an exemption at: . Students over the age of 30 are exempt from providing the shot record. Students that are taking only online classes are not required to provide the meningitis documentation. 

10. ALL Residency questions or Residency issues?

     Notify the Enrollment Services Office. 

11. My name and/or address changed. What do I need to do?

     Notify the Financial Aid Office and the Enrollment Services Office. Enrollment Services will need a copy of your new social security card in order to change your name.  

12. When is the last day to register? When is the last day to withdraw?

     Refer to Academic Calendar or go to

13. What is the status of my application?

     It takes about 3-5 working days to process an application. If it has been less than that please check back later, if it has please email

Financial Aid | (432) 685-5513

1. How do I apply for Federal/State Grants, Federal Work-Study?

     Apply using the online FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid) at

2. How do I apply for Federal Loans?

     Complete the FAFSA (as stated above). Students interested in Federal Student Loans may apply online at:

3. What is Midland College's FAFSA Code?

     009797 Also known as FICE Code. 

4. If I am not eligible for financial aid, what other options are available to me?

     Student can apply for loans and scholarships. These forms can be found at on the Scholarships page.

5. I completed my FAFSA but, my file is in VERIFICATION, so my financial aid has not yet been processed. I do not have money to pay my tuition. What are my options?

     First, see the FACTS Tuition Monthly Payment Plan. If you are not able to sign up for FACTS, you may apply for a Deferred Payment Tuition Loan in the Financial Aid Office. Please be aware that your eligibility for a Deferred Payment Tuition Loan is not guaranteed. 

6. When and where can I get Book Vouchers?

     From the Financial Aid Office, refer to Academic calendar for dates. 

7. Does dropping classes affect my financial aid?

     Yes, if you fail to complete 75% of all credit hours attempted at MC, you could face Financial Aid Suspension. Dropping classes will also reduce the amount of your award if not in the current semester then possibly in the subsequent semester. 

8. How are financial aid refunds distributed?

     All students must get a Chap Debit/ID Card and activate it via an ATM machine. The refunds are distributed to the students’ Chap card. If you are a distance learning student, you must designate a direct deposit via Campus Connect. (Please see distribution dates on academic calendar). 

9. I’m a veteran. Where do I go to use my Hazelwood benefits?

     Contact Kimberly Schipper in Financial Aid, 685-4511. 

10. I’m a veteran. Do I have to take the TSI Assessment exam?

     If you were honorably discharged since Aug 1990 or are currently serving & have been for 3 years you are exempt from the THEA testing. We need a DD-214 or current military ID for documentation. If you choose to take a math class, you are required to take the math placement test. 

10. I’m a veteran. How do I get registered for school?

     The admissions & registration process is the same for all students. However, after seeing an advisor & getting enrolled into classes, the student must then go see the VA Coordinator to be certified for benefits. Contact her at 685-4511 or

Registrar’s Office | (432) 685-4513


1. How do I get a transcript?

     Pick it up in person at the Registrar’s office with a photo ID or go to:

2. When will grades be posted?

     1-3 days after the semester ends.

3. How do I find out what my grade is in a class?

     Log on to your account in Campus Connect. Check under View Grades or View Unofficial Transcript.

4. I’m graduating at another school. How do I get my grade posted early?

     Contact your instructor. Ask them to submit your grade to the Registrar’s office early. Then go online & request that your transcript be sent as soon as the grade is posted. Mention under Remarks that you have requested your grade be posted early.

5. My grade on my transcript is wrong. What do I do?

     Contact your instructor. If there has been an error the instructor can submit a grade change.

6. When do I submit the Application for Graduation?

     Submit it at the beginning of the semester in which you are going to graduate. Refer to Academic Calendar or go to

7. Where do I order my graduation invitations?

     You are free to order them wherever you would like. They do have some available in the bookstore.

8. How do I register (or add or drop a class)?

     During the registration period, you can add & drop classes online through Campus Connect or by coming in and seeing an advisor. Once the add/drop period is over, you can no longer add a class on Campus Connect, but you can continue to drop through the Census Date. After the Census Date course changes CANNOT be made online. If you would like to withdraw from a course, complete the Course Withdrawal Form. You can either submit it online at or you can see an advisor.

9. I have dropped a course, when do I get my refund?

     Contact the Midland College Cashier at or (432) 685-4531.

10. I was dropped for non-payment, how do I get back into my classes?

     If it is during the registration period, log on to your account in Campus Connect and register again. If it is after the 2nd-4th day of class, you should contact an advisor at .

11. How can I remove a transcript hold?

     Send us your transcripts.
     (Faxed or unofficial copies WILL NOT remove the hold.)

12. Do I need to send every transcript from any college/university I have attended?


13. Can I send an unofficial transcript?

     Yes we can take an unofficial transcript for one semester. A hold will be placed until the official one is received..