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Introducing a Study Skills Videos Page

Advising & Counseling Services at Midland College has put together a list of workshop videos to help students improve their study habits and skills.

Visit the Study Skills Videos page


Advising Mission
The Advising Department provides a variety of service for students, faculty, and staff of Midland College. The primary goal of the Advising Department is to assist students in the pursuit of their educational and career goals through academic advising, disability services, academic testing and referrals.

Advising Goals
  • Assist students to meet their educational goals
  • Assist students to meet their career goals
  • Teach students how to interpret their placement scores
  • Teach students to be self-sufficient with their academic goals
  • Teach students how to complete a degree plan
  • Teach students how to transfer to an college/university
  • Teach students how to schedule courses
  • Teach students drop/withdrawal procedurals

Advising & Prerequisite Course Help Request Form
For students who need assistance with advising, or enrolling in a course that has a prerequisite.

Disability Services
Facilitating full participation of students with disabilities.

Academic Advisors (click name to email)
   Courtney Fairchild - Advising 
   Shep Grinnan - International Admissions
   Dale Williams - Disability Services 
   Stephanie Shelton - Advising
   Tiffany Strawn - Advising 

Counseling Services
The goal of Midland College Counseling staff is to help students make important educational and career decisions to get the most out of their education and achieve personal, educational and career goals.
  academic advising
  career interest assessment
  personal and supportive counseling
  referral and crisis intervention
   Shep Grinnan 
   Dale Williams 
   Stephanie Shelton 

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Advising/Counseling Office e-mail address

Midland College Advising & Prerequisite Course Help Request

Students who need assistance enrolling in a course(s) which have a pre-requisite should CLICK HERE and complete this request form. Midland College's on-line registration system, Campus Connect, checks a student's record to determine if the pre-requisite of the course has been met. If a transcript evaluation has not been completed at time of registration, the student will not be allowed to enroll in the course which has a pre-requisite(s).