HITECH Workforce Program - FAQs


NOTE:  Midland College will be sustaining these certificates, but different tuition rates will apply.  Contact us at hitech@midland.edu or 432-685-6891 for more information.

 Do I qualify, and are there credits given for credentials?

Yes, professionals with two years experience OR education background in the healthcare or IT profession qualify.   Additionally, credentials or licensures will allow some courses to be waived for HITECH certificates.  Here is a list of credentials and course waivers listed for both the credit and continuing education mirrored courses:

RN/BSN/MSN:                      HITT 1205/1005 Language of Healthcare and Public Health

CCS, CCS-P, CPC, CPCH:    HITT 1205/1005 Language of Healthcare and Public Health

RHIT/RHIA:                           HITT 1202/1002 The Culture of Healthcare;

                     HITT 1212/1012, History of Health Information Technology in the U.S.;

                    HITT 1205/1005, Language of Healthcare and Public Health:

                    HITT 2328/2028, Introduction to Public Health;

 How do I choose a role?

Visit the Certificates/Roles tab to review the description of each certificate and review the Course Descriptions (pdf file).  If the description was a job description, which one sounds the most interesting?  Which role could fill a "gap" in your education or experience?  For more assistance, please contact the HITECH office at 432-685-6891 or hitech@midland.edu.

 When do I pay my tuition?

Once you have submitted the application and required documents, we will review your application and determine eligibility.  At that time, you will receive an email with your official status and payment instructions.  Payments can be made online or you can mail a check, but please wait until AFTER you have been accepted and notified that payment is due.

 Where do I get textbooks?

There are NO textbooks for these courses!  The government paid a total of $10 million to five universities to develop the curriculum for this program.  All learning materials are on our Canvas system with the exception of an access code for HITT 2327 course.  Midland College uses Canvas for the Learning Management System.  Students will be sent an email with direction to access the courses.

 Is this entirely online?

Yes, everything is online.  There are weekly assignments, quizzes, discussion board questions, etc. but you do the work on your own time based on the schedule given to you by the instructor.  You may work ahead of the calendar, but it is recommended that you follow the schedule of work provided at the beginning of the course to finish by the end of the class.  

 How much time is required a week?

We recommend students plan to spend 5-8 hours/week, but varies based on background and experience.

 Is travel required?

No travel is required to successfully complete this program.  There is an option for clinical externship for those interested, but not required.  More information is provided about this option upon admission to the program.


Do AHIMA members receive CEU’s?

Yes, 20 CEUs will be given for RHITs or RHIAs who complete a certificate role.  An additional 5 CEUs are given for passing the national competency exam (HITPro).  It is the student’s responsibility to submit documentation to AHIMA for CEU credit.

 Will I receive a certificate for completing this program?

Yes.  Upon successful completion of the certificate role, you will be provided with a certificate of completion for the continuing education credits and a grade report to displays the courses completed.

 Is there a credentialing exam for this education? 

Yes, there are a choice of six credentialing exams that are given by the American Health Information Association (AHIMA) called HITPro Exams.   For more information regarding the national competency exam, visit www.ahima.org/certification/chts