HITECH Workforce Program - Curriculum

 A 10-million dollar federal grant was given for five universities to develop curriculum for uniform training materials across the country. Then, grant awards were given to approximately 70 colleges to train professionals; Midland College was one of the recipients. Curriculum developers include:

    • Duke University
   • University of Alabama
   • Oregon Health Sciences University
   • Columbia University
   • Johns Hopkins University

 The courses have been enhanced to include recent articles and trends in the healthcare workforce so that students will receive up-to-date information.

Course Descriptions (pdf file) Courses are set up to meet professional's needs through online eight-week sessions (ALL ONLINE). Course materials are designed to provide updated information for the working professional, both in Healthcare or IT. 

Additional Program Benefits offered by Midland College:

     • CCHIIM has determined that 20 AHIMA CEUs will be awarded upon completion of a HITECH certificate.  Five CEUs will be given to students who pass one of the CHTS exams.
   • Validation of competencies through the national CHTS exams can be found at www.ahima.org for students that are interested.
   • Full time instructors dedicated to the HITECH program.