HITECH Workforce Program - Application Process


Gather Documents

    1)  Print & fill out HITECH application: 

        HITECH Application (pdf file)
    2)  Resume - include certifications and date completed, along with educational history
        and employment history related to HIT or IT and contact information

    3)  Copy of current RHIA or RHIT credentials - IF Applicable

     AND one (1) of the following:

     4a)  To qualify by EDUCATION:  Send in official College Transcript to the HITECH office address listed
           below (for  Healthcare and IT degrees only).  For applicants applying based on relevant education for
           program admission OR

    4b)  To qualify by EXPERIENCE: Send in Verifiable Employment Letter(s) for 2 years or more experience in  healthcare and/or IT industries.  Letters must include name of employer, employment dates,   job description and contact information from the immediate supervisor or Human Resource department.

 Submit documents by ONE of the following methods

    SCAN and EMAIL to:  hitech@midland.edu

   FAX:  432-685-5591 or 432-685-6431

         Attn:  HITECH Workforce Program

   MAIL to:

      Midland College
      HITECH program - Health Sciences Building
      3600 N. Garfield St.
      Midland, TX 79705

Letter of Acceptance and Instructions:   Applications, resumes & supporting documents will be processed each week.  Eligibility will be determined and a status email will be sent to applicants. Once accepted, applicants will receive payment instructions will be sent via email.      When payment is received, information will be emailed to the student regarding sign-on instructions to the course website and instructor information.  If payment is not received by the deadline, students will be dropped from the class.  Applications or payments received late will be considered for the next program start date.