HITECH Workforce Program - Admission Criteria

 Applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, as the curriculum for accepted applicants will be developed based on the applicant’s skill set.  In general, application criteria is based on the student's background of two years of education and/or experience, specifically related to HEALTH CARE, HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, or INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.  Each applicant must meet at least one of the following criteria:

 Health Information Technology / Management Professionals
   Associate degree or higher from a CAHIIM accredited college or two years of experience or combination.
Information Technology
   Minimum two years of IT education or two years IT experience.
   Two years experience related to health information, database management, MIS, HIS, communications,
   technology, healthcare delivery, or electronic data interchange OR currently employed at the VA,
   DoD, IHS, or military base with healthcare or IT experience.

Physician Office Setting
   One year experience related to physician practice management, coding, billing, or related experience.
Hospital Setting
   Associate degree or higher in a healthcare related field, or two years experience directly related to health information management or healthcare IT systems.  

These certificates are for healthcare and information technology professionals to enhance skill sets, not students interested in beginning these career paths.

 General Technology Requirements

Daily Online Access (dial-up will not be sufficient) Browser: Firefox/Mozilla, Chrome or Safari.

Required skills include:   Mouse proficient   Knowledge of Windows   Ability to manage files & folders
  Able to upload and download programs/files to and from websites   Capable of using web browsers (preferably Safari or Firefox)   Fluent with email   Ability to use Microsoft Office or compatible software (i.e. open Office, Google docs)

 Note:  Criminal background checks may be completed upon acceptance into the program. Persons with previous felonies may not be able to find clinical sites willing to accept students per facility policy. Students who are enrolled in the program and are convicted of a felony must notify the program immediately of the felony record.