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Distance learning at Midland College is planned learning that normally occurs in a different place from teaching and, as a result, requires special techniques of course design, special instructional techniques, special methods of communication by electronics and other technology, as well as special organizational and administrative arrangements.

Through its Distance Learning Program, Midland College offers the following non-traditional learning environments:

Online Learning / Canvas

Online Courses (Web Based) are developed  by individual instructors and provide complete course delivery through use of the Internet. Midland College utilizes the Canvas Learning Management System for online course delivery. Students will need to meet certain Hardware and Software System Requirements in order to use Canvas. 

Finding an Online Course

Use the Course Schedule tool to find online courses. Use the left selection box to locate the semester and the right selection box to locate subject area. Once the search is complete, you can identify the online courses by the designations "online" for meeting date.

Interactive Videoconferencing

MCNet is an interactive videoconferencing classroom experience in which students from off-site locations become a part of the classroom setting based at either the main campus or one of the off-campus sites.


VCT (The Virtual College of Texas) is a collaborative between other Texas colleges. Students have the opportunity to register at Midland College to take credit classes from other colleges whenever a Midland College online class is full or not offered during the semester needed. Midland College does not "host" science classes with labs or courses that don't align with approved curriculum. Please contact the Midland College VCT coordinator at 432-685-5538 for more information.

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For additional information, please contact:
The Department of Distance Learning
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