Parent Permission Form for
COM Aquatics, Inc.

Kids' College Home

My child, (please enter child's name) , is enrolled in "Swim Camp at COM Aquatics, Inc." Session from 12:40 - 5:00 p.m. I agree to drop my/our child off at COM by 12:40 pm. I hereby grant permission for my/our child to participate. I understand that adequate and appropriate supervision will be provided. I recognize, however, that unanticipated situations and problems can arise at any time, which situations or problems are not reasonably within the control of the supervising teacher(s) or staff.

In the event of an injury requiring medical attention, I hereby grant permission to the supervising teacher(s) or staff to attend to my child. If the injury warrants further medical attention, I expect every effort will be made to contact me to receive my/our specific authorization before action is taken. If efforts to contact me are unsuccessful, I grant permission for necessary medical treatment to be given. In addition, I hereby give my permission to the supervising teacher(s) or staff to take my child to the physician, or to the hospital if an accident or serious illness occurs on the trip and I cannot be located.

Students must agree and abide by the rules of COM Aquatics, Inc. Failure to follow rules can result in expulsion from the course for the safety of all campers. In the event that a student must return to Kids’ College independently for reasons of health, accident, failure to conform to rules established by the teacher in charge, etc., I agree to accept full responsibility for and to pay for the cost of medical care, transportation and other incidental expenses. This permission slip also serves as a contract that the student and parent(s) understand and agree.

If you agree to the statements above please check the box to the left and select Continue.